Hot Tubs – Luxury in the Mountains

After a gruelling day on the slopes, when your limbs are tired and weary, what better way to relax than to strip off all your ski gear and jump into a hot tub?

Hot tubs are increasingly becoming part of the scene for those who want a pampering as well as feeling exhilarated when they go on a skiing holidays. All over the Alps, luxury chalets are installing hot tubs as the pre-requisite extra, the ultimate sign of decadence and indulgence, where you can go and relax after a hard days skiing. Those fortunate enough to have a hot tub in their chalet have the cachet over other holidaymakers and you can sense the jealousy for those poor skiers who can’t enjoy the luxury.

But is it just decadence or are their some benefits to the hot tub? Purely from a relaxation perspective, there is nothing quite like slipping into the bubbles of a hot top, with a magnificent snow capped mountain as a view. Your body is warm and begins to relax from the strain of skiing or snowboarding all day and your face still has the exhilaration of the cold outside temperature. Good hot tubs have many jets, creating a multitude of bubbles which will gently massage your body and give you that sense of well being, for that therapeutic feeling after an exhausting ski. Set at a temperature of around 102 to 104 Fahrenheit, the warmth of the water will ensure a deep relax and the hydrotherapy effects of a hot tub increases blood flow, relieves stress and alleviates aches and pains caused by sore muscles – a perfect solution to a hard days ski and a great way to prepare you for your next day on the mountain.

Finally, they are fantastic places to have a catch up; the stories of defeating a black run, the mighty wipe outs and the great off piste experiences can all be shared. Being able to tuck into a beer or even sipping on a glass of champagne adds to the experience and makes for the perfect après ski.

If you are looking for a luxury ski chalet for this years ski holiday, make sure it is one with a hot tub and it will add to an already great experience.