Holistic Courses – Everything You Want to Know about Healing Arts

Find Holistic Courses in the United States and Canada. Curious and skeptics alike will find that holistic courses offer a variety of healing arts training and tools that can be applied in everyday life and in the professional world.

Teaching individuals about natural and alternative health practices, concepts and theories, holistic courses are based on age-old wisdom and ancient medicine principles that can be applied in the “here and now,” and are quickly gaining leeway in traditional medicine mainstream.


Whether one opts to learn about emotional release techniques, natural healing modalities, life coaching, hypnotherapy or Reiki, individuals frequently have a wide assortment of holistic courses from which to choose. Holistic courses also encompass introductory lessons in various massage techniques, such as reflexology, sports massage, and Indian head massage. A matter of fact, there are specific holistic courses that cover natural healthcare topics in aromatherapy, essential oils, ear candling, and more.

More in-depth holistic courses can lead to diplomas and certifications. Depending on which subject of study you wish to pursue, there are a number of holistic courses that are primarily geared toward earning professional acknowledgment in the holistic healthcare sector.


For instance, if you are seriously contemplating a career in the healing arts, then comprehensive holistic courses in massage therapy, herbal medicine, acupressure, holistic health or nutrition might be ideal. In cases such as these, students are taught about basic anatomy and physiology, plant medicine (herbal medicine pharmacology), natural remedies, assorted bodywork methods (deep tissue massage, animal/equine massage, shiatsu, Swedish massage, etc.), energy healing (mind-body-spirit medicine), kinesiology, macrobiotic diet, aromatherapy and more. Students interested in becoming professional massage therapists will learn that holistic courses in this field are a minimum of 300 hours in some states, and can extend upwards over 1,000 training hours.

Other diploma-oriented holistic courses are provided in Alexander technique, Rolfing, breath work, homeopathy; and in Canada, students can earn a diploma in naturopathy. Healing arts schools and other alternative medicine colleges that offer holistic courses vary in curriculum, tuition and prerequisites so it is always important to review prospective institutions prior to enrollment.