Himachal – Best Option for a Winter Vacation

It’s about time when the winters actually break in and spread its magical sheen all around. The hazy mornings, shiny afternoons and cold, chilly evenings can make anyone feel respite for missing all of this. The winter season is a tedious one when it comes to tourism. The preferences vary among people about what type of place to choose for a vacation. At times when some like it hot and some cold its trivia to actually decide which is the cup you are going to have a sip from.

Beaches are a favored choice for many and especially those who have been planning and following all those new year fests like sunburn and supersonic. Well but for the high on adrenaline we can say that mountains are much adventurous.

Himachal Pradesh offers a lot of activities that you can Snapchat your friends about or make you followers list longer. Skiing is a major activity you can try your hands on in Manali. You don’t have to go to the Alps to try that with a hole burnt in your pocket. Similarly ice skating in Shimla can be a pretty good option. However the adrenaline junkies can go for hiking and mountaineering as it gets much tougher in this weather.

Manali has cheap and budget accommodations that you can avail especially at old Manali. On your voyage you can also choose to take a little pit stop at any hotel near Chandigarh and pay a visit to the city beautiful as well. This city gets an altogether different vibe during winters. There are many options to stay here with a number of hotels lined up here and provide well infused luxury for a budget price. The roads may take a toll on you once the toll road ends but it is still worth the adventure. Also you can try taking a drive to the snow laden roads of Rohtang pass if you are into driving and are not easily frustrated by hour-long traffic jams. However Himachal has much more to offer you.

The areas of Kasol and Tosh are snow-capped and is altogether a completely different experience to travel here. You may choose to camp in snow as well but that is preferred only if you have the complete equipment or we advise that you take services of professional adventure camp organizers who can take you along. And if you choose to plan something nearby Chandigarh then Shimla is the best place for a snowy trip. Take in the view of Kasauli hills while on your way to Shimla. Overall a winter vacation would never be complete without a good old-fashioned trip to Himachal and build a snowman with your friends and family.