Hiking The Wagon Train Trail

This easy trail takes 7 miles to complete wherein you can start at the Brasstown Bald Access Trail’s parking lot to Young Harris’ women’s dormitory named Rollins Hall. There are no trail blazes that guide you on this trail and the elevation reached about 2,452 feet from Young Harris to the Brasstown Bald parking area. Nevertheless, the trail is easy to navigate from end to end. The start of the trail is between the concession building and a gift shop on the north section of the parking area. Enter the gate that marks the start of the wilderness area.

Approximately 100 yards from here you will come to the trail marker of Wagon Train Trail on an unpaved service road. The path is on an old roadbed that was an old route followed by the Georgia Highway 66, thus making this path wider than the usual trail treadway. Move along the trail to a rhododendron pathway and then turn right to a gated portion of the trail. In this cloud forest, several species of flora and hardwood trees thrive. Enter the Brasstown Wilderness from here as it follows a single track pathway here on forward.

Along this footpath, clusters of yellow birch trees abound and towers over to provide shade. Continue following this old roadbed as the pathway leads to rock bluffs which are covered with lichens, rock tripe, reindeer moss, and old man’s beard. The treadway continues along a series of steep slopes which makes an interesting vantage point for some scenic views around the area. Coming from the west section of Chimney Top where you will see the Waterfall Cove, move around this west section and make a downhill traverse to the north section of the Double Knob Ridge.

Along this area, other trail features afford you a view of the Little Bald, Buzzard Ridge, Old Rocky Knob, and Double Knob. Continue along this path as it proceeds to the Carrol Gap and then further onto Granny Knob. Further along this path and at approximately 5.8 miles on this trail, approach a gated Forest Service boundary line which marks the end of the Brasstown Wilderness Area.

The road then takes you to a private property where the end of the trail is marked at junction of Young Harris and US 76. At Young Harris, you may take the shuttle bus if you have arranged for it beforehand. Otherwise, the Rollins Hall dormitory marks the end of this one exhausting yet enjoyable trail.



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