Hiking Along the Trails of Lighthouse Park, British Columbia

Lighthouse Park is names after the first lighthouse in Vancouver was built on Point Atkinson back in 1874. This is a gorgeous park with about 75 hectares of land to explore. It is the point where the Burrard Inlet meets with Howe Sound.

This park is easy to get to by vehicle and a parking lot is located right at the start of the trailhead. Simply drive into West Vancouver by following Marine Drive for about 10 kilometers past Caulfield Cove. You will notice a sign shortly after for Lighthouse Park on your left. Follow the sign along the road to the parking lot.

There are about 6 kilometers of trails within the park area and with so many to choose from it may take more than one trip to explore the whole park.

With so many trails to explore you will probably see some of the oldest Douglas Fir trees in Vancouver which range from about 400 – 550 years in age.

As you explore the trails that lead to Lighthouse Station, you may notice that the rock is actually made of granite and is anywhere from 96 – 187 million years old. This is a great place to stop and have lunch or a snack and take in the majestic views of the ocean and the surrounding area including views of Bowen Island.

Not far from the Lighthouse Station you may have noticed some small cabins that were used to house the families when the lighthouse required a lightkeeper. The cabins are still there although not lived in today as the lighthouse is now automated.

Along some of the trails you may also notice some nesting bald eagles and many types of mosses and wildflowers.

There are a couple of picnic tables and washrooms within the park and this park is also an off leash park for dogs. However, due to the fragile nature of this old growth forest it is very important that all visitors and their dogs stay on the marked trails to preserve the natural reserve.

If you leave the main trail and head off onto some of the less travelled trails you will come across many more viewpoints from the water’s edge. Here you will notice a varied sea life depending on the tide level at the time.

Follow the trails you take to loop you back around to the main trailhead and the parking lot from where you started.

Lighthouse Park offers an abundance of sea, bird, plant and tree life to admire and a vast number of trails to explore. One trip is surely not enough! Enjoy hiking through this park with the whole family.



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