Here Is A Method That Is Helping Secure Homes To Prevent Break-Ins

The choice of the best home security locks can be daunting and if you go to any do it yourself store you could be overwhelmed by the number that are available to you. Choosing the best home security locks for your requirements is a difficult task and will require some careful planning before you make a decision. First and foremost before you make a decision is to be sure of what your requirements are and what you want to secure. If you are looking to secure an exterior door then you are going to need different locks than if you are securing a garage door.

Most intruders are going to enter the premises through a door, it is quick and easy, so let us think about what would deter a potential intruder and make it easy them to gain entry. First and foremost leaving the door unlocked, you may have the best home security locks in the world but if you leave the door unlocked then they are useless. Intruders can pick locks, lever doors open, drill out the locks, smash adjoining panes of glass or maybe get a copy of the key. The intruder will always use the method that is quickest and easiest for the opportunity that they are looking at.

The best locks available will be one that is installed with deadbolts, it is possible to get locks that combine a deadbolt and a latch bolt in one or you can have them separately. It is essential though to have a deadlock on your main door with deadbolts at the top and bottom of the doors. Also look out for the grading system on the locks, the ANSI (American National Standards Institution) has developed a standards listing for locks, all the locks are measured for durability and security. Ideally when you are buying a lock you will want to have an ANSI Grade 1 certified lock.

If you are worried about the key for your lock being copied then you will want to purchase a lock that has either of the following two features. Either the key control that comes with the lock can only be copied by certain locksmiths or for even greater security can only be copied by the manufacture of the lock. This will provide you with an extra level of security knowing that you can only get replacements through authorized channels.


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