Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee in Moderation

Are you aware that coffee drunk in moderation is able to offer a range of benefits that go far beyond just giving the initial boost in the morning? By drinking coffee regularly you have the potential to enjoy many health benefits. Here are several of the benefits that you are likely to experience:

Gall Stones: Studies have indicated that having a drink of caffeinated coffee in the morning can help with decreasing the chances of experiencing gall stones and gall bladder disease in both men and women.

Alzheimer’s disease: By drinking one or two mugs of caffeinated coffee each day there is a chance of reducing the potential of developing Alzheimer’s disease in later life when compared to those that don’t or rarely have a drink of coffee.

Parkinson’s disease: A further disease that decreases with the regular drinking of coffee relates to Parkinson’s disease. Studies suggest that a regular drinker of coffee is able to lower the chances of experiencing this disease in the future.

Antioxidants: Coffee is likely to be packed full of antioxidants in either decaffeinated or caffeinated brews provided of course the beans are carefully prepared and roasted. Antioxidants are ideal since they are able to help in a range of health situations, such as the ability to fight the cancer causing free radicals. A further quality ingredient included in coffee is methylpyridinium which is believed to help with prevent colon cancer, and can be difficult to find at the ideal levels in other food sources.

Improved Cognitive Ability: It is often found that the regular coffee drinkers are likely to achieve better results in certain tests relating to short-term memory, IQ tests, spatial awareness exams, and cognitive ability tests. Many of the tests often indicate that the increased cognitive ability is seen with the tests patience that is in the higher age bracket and female.

Bowel Stimulation: Coffee is known to be highly effective as a laxative and a stimulant. If someone is seeking alternative medical practices they might look at stimulating the lower colon by using a coffee enema. However, since coffee is found to be a diuretic, it does have the potential to result in constipation for some regular drinkers of coffee.

Increased Metabolism: Since coffee is known as a stimulant, it is able to significantly help with boosting the metabolism rate due to the contained caffeine, which can go on to help with increasing energy levels and weight loss. A common ingredient for many weight loss or dietary products is likely to include caffeine.


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