Have You Ever Had That Strange Inner Feeling?… Your Inner Voice Talking To You!

Have you ever had that strange inner feeling you were
supposed to be doing something, but just didn’t know what

That’s what happened to me last Sunday. All day I felt like
something was nagging me. But… couldn’t discover what
it was. Have you ever had that kind of feeling?

I did some work on my ezine, checked email several times,
worked on a software problem and defragged my PC. And…
still had the feeling I needed to do something else…
Something important!

This went on all day until about 7 pm Sunday night. Then I
had the strong urge to check my email again. There was an
email from Jim Edwards that caught my eye. He’s a great
writer and I’m always ready to read what he has to say.

Jim mentioned in his email, he was thinking about writing
ebook about the lives, problems, successes, and
setbacks that ebook writers and sellers had encountered.

Jim said, “He wanted to get his readers opinion on whether
that was a good idea for him.” Many writers suggest if
you’re looking for a subject for an ebook, report, product
or ecourse, ask your subscribers what they think… They’ll
tell you!

He said, “He had a short story about his setbacks and
successes, and gave a download link. I automatically
down-loaded his story. I don’t believe I could have kept
from down-loading it if I had wanted too. The inner
promptings were that strong.

Over many years I’ve learned to follow my inner promptings.
It usually leads to something useful and important.

I read Jim’s short story and found it to be absorbing. I
like to read stories about successes of different marketers.
I liked Jim’s story and I sent him my email saying, “Go
with it Jim.”

And now… “Here’s the rest of the story”, as Paul Harvey

Jim had many setbacks. Near the end of his story he
mentioned everything changed. He managed to go to a
where the speaker talked about selling information products
on the internet.

He said, “He copied as much as he could of what was
When he got home he immediately started changing his
that very night and finished about 2 am.

When he woke up the next morning he discovered he had
more of his ebooks in a few short hours as he had
been selling in a month. Because, he did excactly what he
had been taught at the seminar. Jim gave the speaker the
credit for changing his life. Then he said for the curious
if they wanted to know who that ‘Guru’ was to click on his

I was curious! I clicked, without hesitation… because, the
inner urgings were still leading me on. When I got to the
website, I was shocked! This was the website of the ebook
seller where I had bought my first ebook, four years ago. I
read the ebook, or should say skimmed it, and not being too
knowledgable about the internet or ebooks printed it and put
it on the shelf.

Now I reached for it again! Something told me this was
I had been needing to do all day. So I decided to do some
reading. Five hours later I was still reading, because,
nearly every paragraph this guy wrote was valuable up to
date information that I needed.



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