Guide to Choosing the Right Shopping Cart Development Services

It’s time to reach the global market with an online shopping cart for your business. There are leading companies offering quality eCommerce development services to help you introduce your business worldwide and sell your products without hassle. Online products are easily accessible to anyone anytime. With products and services available within a click and considering the attributes of today’s lifestyle, people are more and more inclined to take advantage of this online convenience.

Choose a company that professionally caters to all kinds of eCommerce requirements. Your service provider needs to have extensive research and development experience in the different forms of eCommerce structures – Business to Business, Business to Consumer, Consumer to Consumer, Marketplace eCommerce as well as eCommerce Mobile App.

Let’s give an outline of the key shopping cart features. Hopefully this will help you become familiar with the main shopping cart specific features your service provider will provide you. Companies can extend or reduce the features as per your custom requirements. You can also tag it along with all the other website design and marketing related services they offer.

1. Different User types:

  • Mainly Site Administrator – Manages the website
  • Registered Customer – Buying the products
  • Retailer/Distributor – For Business to Business or Business to Consumer Web Applications

2. Nested Product Categories: Sorts the products into different categories and sub categories.

3. Category Page: Lists all the sub categories and their products.

4. Product List: The products can be listed in grid/list view or both can be implemented with an option to toggle between the two. Each product item will have title, price and default image. With each product, the following links will appear: Add to cart and view Details.

5. Product Detail Page: Here the detailed description of the product will be shown. Title of the product, multiple and zoom enabled images, price of the product, the “add to cart” button etc, are featured. All the product attributes appear in this section. Additionally all product reviews also are featured in this page.

6. Add to Cart: “Add to cart” button appears with each product info. Clicking on this button, Site visitors/customers can add products to cart.

7. Cart Management: The Cart page will display all the products already added to the cart. Users are further able to Add more products to the cart/ Update a product quantity/ delete a product from the cart / view product cost sub-total and proceed to checkout system.

8. Checkout: Site visitors can register and enter Billing/Shipping information, confirm order and proceed to pay.

9. Payment method: Payment Gateways are implemented as per your requirement. Choose a company that has good experience in implementing payments through most of major the Payments Gateways.

10. Simple Product Search: This search is based on the product title and the product description text.

11. Advanced Search: This search is based on all the product parameters. It also serves as an extensive product filtering option.

12. Admin Panel Features:

  • Manage the Product categories and sub categories.
  • Manage Product details, attributes, images and inventory.
  • Manage Orders and Delivery Information.
  • Manage Customers
  • Manage the website static content.


Some web development companies also implement modules through API’s. However the API implementation depends on its relevance, robustness and technical feasibility in the proposed cart system.

Technical Backdrop:

Custom shopping carts are developed in Code Igniter or Cake PHP. They both are open source, light weight, web application frameworks supporting Model View Controller architecture. They have a well-built, simple and robust toolkit which can be used to build extensive web applications with substantial security validation. Using these frameworks help to build resourceful, informative website that provides a user-friendly environment. eCommerce solutions from a reputed company are flexible enough to support your business for a maximum period of time.


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