Guest Blogging and You

There were famous sayings in the world of entrepreneurs and business people. Those famous sayings were “OPM” and “OPT”. What they represent is “Other People’s Money” for “OPM” and “Other People’s Time” for “OPT”. The concept has become widespread in all businesses, in all fields and in all general aspects of life. It can also be used in blogs.

Sometimes people don’t have time to blog every day or every now and then. Or even if they’ve had writer’s block, there’s still a way to keep their blog going and make sure their readers are genuinely impressed with their work. Now you can’t really use OPM for blogging unless you want to make an investment to give your blog its own domain name. But using OPT to blog is exactly what you need. Have you been too busy tending to your blog?

Ask someone to blog for you. There are hundreds if not thousands of other bloggers or potential writers willing to guest blog. How do you get a guest blogger? Thank you for asking!

Read more. A guest blogger is usually a job for other bloggers, both professionals and beginners. Anyone known as a problogger can be used to promote your blog site with theirs simply by submitting a blog article on their blog. And if someone likes the work of guest bloggers, visitors or readers will find their blog and read their material. This is a disadvantage because the guest blogger diversifies the traffic generated by their blog to their
blogging site.

Of course, each of us must be careful when allowing a guest blogger to write on our blog site of their own accord. A feature has been developed that allows you to let guest bloggers write a blog post about others and submit a draft first before the original blogger or blog site author can accept your work before publication.

This way you can ensure that your blog site is of high quality and does not diversify traffic. However, you can set terms and agreements for the exchange of traffic. Blogger’s website has a lot of traffic to exchange. So make sure you have someone with more IT knowledge or more experience evaluating site-to-site traffic exchanges, it’s worth it.

Otherwise, you may need to decline the association with the guest blogger.