Greenhouse Flower Farming in the Philippines

Though the market for greenhouse flowers in the Philippines is still small, it’s growing fast as consumers wary of chemicals start looking for the same standard in other products such as soaps, clothing, cosmetics – and Valentine’s Day bouquets.

There is compelling evidence that greenhouse-grown flowers are healthier, but consumers are increasingly willing to pay more for top-quality products that are not harmful to workers or the environment. The organic foods movement, for instance, took a while to leave the health food store, but now it is big business. Once consumers became increasingly aware of quality, they were willing to pay the price.

One of the advantages of greenhouse-grown flowers is that it tends to use up lesser chemicals, water, and fertilizers. A more obvious advantage is the quality of the flowers themselves. A client has one chance to make a good impression and because these flowers are grown indoors, they are free from pests and discoloration.

Until today, many Filipinos do not know where to buy greenhouse-grown flowers in the Philippines. Most Florists in the Philippines still use outdoor-planted flowers. However, there is an increasing awareness of good quality flowers. This is the reason that so many of the Philippines’s top florists are moving towards these types of flowers. As overseas Filipinos are increasingly exposed to more modern economies, they are also demanding quality from their florists.

There are many ways to become a professional greenhouse grower. The simplest way is to make a homemade greenhouse from wood and plastic. To have decent volume, it is suggested that each greenhouse should be at least 1,000 square meters in size so that economies of scale can be reached. Labor in the Philippines is relatively cheap and one can find one at many garden centers and outlets specializing in outdoor structures. Prices do vary considerably among suppliers, so it’s wise to shop around and compare prices for similar greenhouses.

When choosing the location for your greenhouse, your top priority should be a clear area that will provide maximum exposure to sunlight. This is especially important as is a level, well-draining ground surface. Other considerations might be proximity to water and electricity sources, especially if you will be using greenhouse heaters, lights and fans. However, there are gas-burning heaters and lighting available, and filling a large barrel with water every so often, while a little inconvenient, will meet your water requirements.

On a spiritual, holistic level, organic flowers are grown in such ways that they retain the essence of flowers, as Mother Nature intended them to have. So if you have the dispensable cash, time and enthusiasm, building your very organic flower greenhouse is a great way to practice a healthy and natural lifestyle.


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