Glass Doorknobs – They Are An Important Part Of Any Historic Home

There are a number of reasons one may decide to take the step to purchase, and fix up, an old historic home. The main reason is rather obvious, the history of the home has drawn them in and they want to be able to protect that history, help it live on and be able to live with it. This has to be a labor of love because the work involved is reviving a historic home is not easy.

Imagine seeing that half of the home’s glass doorknobs are broken and trying to find someone that is an expert in historic glass doorknobs, to fix them. While you may be able to find someone who can fix the internal workings of the glass doorknobs, there are very few people that can recreate glass doorknobs from scratch if they are broken. Even if they can, they likely won’t be making the ones you will need. Instead you will have to beg antique dealers to keep an eye out for the perfect matching ones for your home. Keep your fingers crossed…

This is a proposition to take on carefully. Unless you are a real fan of frustration and a constant scavenger hunt for all the small pieces of your home that are missing or broken, this may not be a home for you. The reviving and upkeep of a historic home is a job for those who really have a passion for the history and the do-it-yourself projects that go beyond what you can get done over a weekend.

Many who have purchased historic houses and brought them back to life say the job is never completely done. There is always something that could use a little fix up and tweak to make it better and bring it back to the way it used to be.

But the benefits are worth it. They also say there is nothing like waking up in a home that has been through generation after generation and seen some of the great events in history. It also feels good to know they were the ones who kept this piece of history from disappearing forever. This is very true, as many of these homes were on the foreclosure roles and likely would have been bulldozed if a developer had purchased the property instead.

For those who are still on line with the idea, there is a chance you can get a little help in purchasing that dream historic home. Many cities throughout the country are starting preservation programs, to keep those old homes intact, and showing what the town used to look like.

Some of these programs offer tax breaks and incentives to those who are willing to take on the project of bringing one of these old homes back to life. Others offer grants that can be used for restoration construction work or to track down the things needed to fix the homes, such as those rare and almost impossible to find glass doorknobs.

Once the work is done, many of these homes will also earn a spot on the town or county register, as a historic landmark.


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