Glass Door Knob – Make The Antique Look Complete With A Skeleton Keyhole

It’s the small details that really can go a long way towards making your new house look older than it is. For many who want to take on an old Victorian or other historic décor style, they look at the big things, like paint jobs, furniture and other larger things that can create the look they are hoping for.

All these things are important to create a proper décor style, but once they are all in place there may be a realization that something still isn’t quite right. There’s still something missing. It’s the details. From light switch plates to accents around the glass door knob, there are a number of things that are necessary to make sure the room is the total package, and not just most of the look that would suit the decorative style.

One of the most overlooked things is the pieces on the door. Sure you have a beautiful antique glass door knob, but it still doesn’t look complete, does it? The reason is that a glass door knob is not enough to finish the image. Adding a plate is a step in the right direction, offering a metal background to the door knob, and making it sparkle a little more, but there’s still something that’s not quite right about it.

When you watch movies that were set in a Victorian time period you will likely see that someone always gets locked in one of those beautiful rooms. Yes, that’s what you’re missing… the keyhole that is such a staple with old Victorian doors. Without a keyhole, and a skeleton key, how can you lock someone in the room? Not that we recommend making a habit of this, but it’s a neat effect if you’re holding a mystery dinner event.

So, where does one look for those old keyholes with skeleton keys? Lucky for you they are in two different hardware markets and in two different styles. The first kind is the real thing. There are antique keyhole plates and skeleton keys that can be found in either working or show pieces. The working ones will take a little more work to install since they will be actual operational locking mechanisms to be put into the door. The other styles are show pieces. They look as if your door has an operational old fashioned keyhole and lock, but don’t require the inner working mechanism. If you want to make them a little more realistic, you can make sure there is a hole through the door where the keyhole will go, so they can be looked through to see what is happening on the other side.

If you don’t want to put the money and the search time into finding real antique key plates to go with your glass door knob, you can also look for replica plates. With the popularity of the Victorian style of décor, many companies have created new versions of old favorites in both working and show styles making it easy to ensure you have those finishing touches.


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