Get the Best Divorce Attorneys at Pollak & Slepian, LLP

From saying your vows to each other and making the promise of ‘Till death do us part’ to the day one of you says, ‘I will see you in court’ is the course of many marriages these days. These days around 40% of marriages in the US are ending in divorce. It is sad that what you thought would be a lovely new chapter of your life is a far cry away from that.

Getting a permanent separation with mutual understanding is better than being stuck in an unhappy marriage. This is why, now more than ever, Nassau County divorce attorney are in demand.

We have found the best legal firm to help you course through this rough patch of life; it is Pollak & Slepian, LLP. They make sure that the line of communication is strictly professional. This is very important in the cases of divorce where each partner is getting on other one’s nerves. It is a whole lot more devastating and complex when kids are involved.

At Pollak & Slepian, LLP you get esteemed and experienced lawyers that would represent you with the best interest and get you fair financial rights and child support and custody in the divorce case. The most intrinsic factor behind choosing a Nassau County lawyer is how understanding they are. This is an emotionally taxing time in your life and you need someone to be the voice of rationale and compassion in this time. Here you would get exactly that, their lawyers give you a list of all the options available and try their best to settle the case out of court. If not, then they have all the tactical measures to turn things in your favor in the court of law.

They provide the following services:

• Seeking child support and custody

• Fair Alimony and financial support after divorce

• Visitation

• Equal distribution of marital assets

Their over 85 years of combined experience makes them a sure choice to represent you and get a fair settlement. They have all the legal know-how to get you out this legal and emotional quagmire with dignity. They offer affordable options and resolve all the complexities concomitant to the divorce case.

So, don’t look any further and choose the best Nassau County divorce attorney at Pollak & Slepian, LLP. You can book an appointment and consult your case by visiting their website.


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