Get On Top of the Situation With Maritime Video Direct

If you thought communication between a vessel and onshore support was impossible due to expense and difficulty, than think again. Ship to shore communication has been made entirely possible due to the Maritime Video Direct (MVD), a service that understands the sophisticated requirements of the maritime industry. Vessels can finally receive messages loud and clear while steaming 30 miles out to sea. Crews can participate in live conferencing, training and meetings while still onboard. Thanks to the MVD, maritime communications are as feasible and efficient as though the vessel was securely moored at port.

One use of the service is in the repair and the construction sector. The service can be used by the management and the supervisory team in order to monitor the progress of the jobs done on the vessel. The supervisor is no longer required to go on board, check and return once again to the central office. What the company needs is the technology behind the service in order to remotely monitor the activities on the vessel. This is possible, no matter where the vessel is as long as this is within the 30-mile radius. And thanks to these benefits of the MVD, the company can save on resources. The need to check out every site is taken out of the equation. And more importantly the work is minimally disrupted since there is a simultaneous communication that is happening.

The MVD can aid in the repair or examination of the vessel. Engineers and supervisors can direct and monitor work taking place onboard anywhere within a 30 mile radius from shore. Tests and inspections can be run remotely, with experts working with the full use of resources onshore. Crew’s can be guided through repairs and inspections with minimal disruption to work flow and no need to bring the vessel to port for routine procedures.

Another important use for the MVD is the implementation of onboard safety and health practices. The command center is usually the media center of the company or the business, and with just a few clicks the live streaming can be done with ease. Also, the in charge of the streaming can add value added services and features like the live chat that allows for interactivity. More importantly, it’s all about the cost of the service. For the cost of a phone call, the business command center can still be in touch with the vessel no matter where it is.

Safety videos can be streamed live to crews as they are introduced into the industry. This technology makes training the crew in safety practices easier than ever. Live streaming is possible from the comfort of your office or workplace. Unique features, such as live chat, allow for interactivity between the crews and those in charge. Costs are reduced exponentially as work flows remain uninterrupted, repairs are done with ease and efficiency and drains on resources are reduced. For the cost of a phone call, your business can stay in touch with your vessel anywhere within 30 miles at sea.

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