Does the Royal Dutch Airline Offer a Royal Experience?

The flag carrier airline of the Netherlands, KLM (full legal name Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V. (Royal Dutch Airlines)), has the unique distinction of being the oldest airline in the world still operating under its original name. It has more than 32,000 employees as of 2013. It formed a merger with Air France in 2004 and … Read more

Airline Delays and How to Deal With Them

If you would make a list of things that annoy you the most, unexpected delays would certainly be in the top ten. Sometimes these delays are for legitimate reasons but you cannot help feeling irked – after all, humans are mostly creatures of schedule and they like to keep it uninterrupted. Small setbacks are bearable … Read more

120,000 New Flights to Italy From Gulf

Settled along the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea, Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations among globetrotters. From the marvellous architectural wonders in the capital city Rome, mesmerising canal city Venice to the home of Renaissance treasure Florence, this country is frequented by art, history and fashion lovers throughout the year. A number … Read more

Book Between Tuesday Afternoons and Wednesday Early Mornings for Cheaper Tickets

Morning flights for less turbulence: Can’t handle turbulence? Try taking the morning flight. It’ll save you from panic attacks. Also, try and take a seat by the wings, it’ll help you stay comfortable during the flight. Free alcohol: Don’t shy away from asking for free stuff. Some international flights serve free alcohol. What’s better than … Read more

Singapore’s Premier Flying Class

It was ranked the third best airline in the world in 2014 and this year it occupies the second spot on this list. This is a glaring tribute to Singapore Airlines’ excellence. Its brand ambassador of sorts, the famed ‘Singapore Girl’ is famous worldwide and is associated with the immaculate service Singapore Airlines provides. This … Read more

Top 5 Safari Destinations of Africa

Traveling involves discovering new places, knowing them till depth and enjoying the charm of being there. We all love to travel according to our choice, some like beaches, some mountains and some of us even like the deserts. The traveler inside us urges us to explore more as soon as we start our hunt to … Read more

Top Five Airlines Around the World

Are you a frequent flyer? Does the flight experience matter to you as much as reaching the destination? Do you keep up with the latest innovations & services in the aviation industry? If the answer to all the questions is yes, look no further. In this post, we bring you the top five airlines in … Read more

How to Stay Away From the No-Fly List

It is perhaps America’s most controversial list. Your name could be included here without any knowledge, and removing it could be very difficult. This federal no-fly list is a compilation of names that are prohibited from boarding commercial flights to and from the United States. Leaked documents reveal that, as of August 2013, above 47,000 … Read more

World’s 5 Scariest Runways!

Have you ever been on a flight or airline that has landed on a mountain or taken you near a coast of the sea? If no, then you probably haven’t been to the scariest and adventurous airports and runway that can make you scream out of fear. Here is the list of the weirdest and … Read more