Fun Marketing Jobs For Degree Holders

The field of marketing is a vast environment, with occupations to meet a wide range of interests and aspirations, as well as high earning potential and the opportunity to develop a set of skills that can be applied to practically any business. People pursuing their degrees in marketing often wonder what they will be doing after getting a marketing degree and what will be their career. Getting a marketing degree is not a piece of cake, it requires hard work and effort. Jobs you can get afterwards can be of different types but here, in this article, we will be telling you about the 3 most fun marketing jobs that won’t make you depressed and you will enjoy doing them. So let’s get started:

Social Media Manager
A company’s voice is represented by a Social Media Manager. They are in charge of the accounts for the company’s social media outlets. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube may be the most appropriate outlets for a fashion brand. Twitter and TikTok, for example, might be used by a sports company.

In larger companies, you may be part of a marketing team in which each member is responsible for a particular aspect of social media, such as paid or organic. Alternatively, you could be in charge of a single social media channel. In a smaller company, though, you would be in charge of everything related to social media. The Social Media Manager’s responsibility is to develop proactive and reactive plans in either case. The first is when you initiate a conversation and wait for others to answer, while the second is when you respond to other people’s chats.

Brand Manager
A brand manager’s goal is to keep a company, product, or service memorable, relevant, and interesting for customers. They accomplish this through devising advertising, print, web, and social media campaigns to promote and impact consumer perceptions of brands.

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Being a Brand Manager is one of the most enjoyable marketing jobs because it necessitates ongoing communication with your audience and regular feedback. Attending focus groups to get customer feedback or performing market research are two examples. Any positive feedback for the brand is a direct result of your efforts, which may be rewarding.

Digital PR Manager
To boost a brand’s or company’s online visibility, digital PR employs marketing methods. Digital PR campaigns can help a brand by improving brand awareness, driving more traffic to its website, and increasing conversions. Digital PR Managers are typically part of a larger marketing department, and they network with clients, journalists, bloggers, and influencers to get their stories seen.

You’ll notice that every job title on this list includes the word manager.’ While managing people isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, there’s a lot more to management than that. This is especially true in marketing, where you may not need to oversee others advance to management. Instead, you may work alone and be in charge of a company’s internet reputation or promotional activity for a variety of products.


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