Fun Facts About Coffee

Coffee is everyone’s favorite morning drink companion. It is popular for waking up people and keeping them on-the-go. It is so popular that a lot of businesses have used this as their niche and have been really profitable. This is because out of ten people, only one person will most likely hate coffee. Now, for all the people who treat coffee as their best friend especially when they want to be awake, few facts about it may be helpful and interesting.

1. Interestingly, a coffee tree can actually last for about 50 to 70 years. Anyone should stop worrying about the coffee supply from now on.

2. If you love plants, then coffee will not just be your number one drink but also your garden best friend. This is because spent coffee grounds, when sprinkled around the base of your garden plants, can actually drive away the snails and slugs! And, if you want to revive a houseplant that have turned yellow during winter, just place a mixture of sugar and coffee grounds and water it regularly. You will be amazed by the result after a week or so.

3. When going for a perfume shopping, coffee will really come in handy. This is because a good sniff of the coffee in between smelling each perfume will actually refresh your nose. Thus, if you bring with you some coffee, buying a perfume will be as easy as wearing it.

4. Your favorite espresso is really not a type of roast, blend or bean. It is actually termed as espresso because of the way the coffee is prepared which is shooting hot pressurized water into a finely ground coffee.

5. When you head to a coffee shop and you see an Americano coffee, the term actually comes from the American GI’s who fought during the World War Two. The GI’s would order espresso with water to dilute the strong flavor. And, thanks to the GI’s, the term “cup of joe” was born as they are seen to be big coffee drinkers.

6. On the other hand, the word cappuccino is actually a product of several derivations. One derivation comes from the Capuchin order of friars who played an important role in bringing back Catholicism in Europe. The Italian name derived from the pointed, long cowl or cappuccino, which is a hood that was worn as part of the order’s habit. Now, the coffee was coined as it is today simply because of the color of the coffee which actually resembled the color of the hood. Another story also suggests that it comes from the fact that the coffee is dark which resembles the monk’s robe and the cap is likened to be the color of the monk’s head.


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