French Doors – Bring the Outdoors Inside

What are French Doors?

French Door, is a type of door, is extremely popular and is extensively used allover the world. They are generally set up in pairs that if opened together, create a large entrance to the home. The glass panels in the door provide a lovely view of the outside world when closed. We say that the French Doors bring the outdoor inside your home. Through their combinations of window paneling they provide a nice outdoor view.

Door Construction

French Doors come in different varieties. The frame can be wooden, metallic, or fiberglass. The wooden frame lends a softer interior look and is available in many varieties of hardwood species that can be painted or customized in any preferable shade or color.
Fiberglass doors are also very popular and provide a clean, sober and modern appeal. Fiberglass are easier to maintain and can be painted any color as per the requirements. The synthetic material in the fiberglass makes them more durable to exterior climates and there are almost no chances of peeling, swelling, or warping.

It is also possible to have a combination of wooden door with aluminum trim that will provide the durability and also give it the required style leaving a unique appeal.

Glass Selection

The most distinct portion of the French doors is their glass paneling.
The glass panels can be smaller multiple panes, large bigger panes, or a combination of both. The glass can be stained, glazed, beveled, textured, etched, or as per the individual taste and imagination goes. There are various types of glass used in these doors in order to protect the home from the exterior elements.

Special-quality of glass are available that enough strength to face hurricane winds and high-velocity objects without fracturing. Most of the windows are insulated and can help in providing the required energy leakage and high utility bills during both summer and winter. Also, most frames are water and insect resistant and provide safety.


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