Five Very Popular Coffee Drinks

Coffee is one of America’s favorite drinks and one of the more popular places to drink it is in the office. Keeping your staff supplied with coffee has become one of the more popular perks in offices. The country is crazy about their and some diehard fans of particular brand names, such as Starbucks for coffee, won’t even consider substituting a no name brand. Other people want a specific roast or blend, while still others may have objections to the way coffee is grown or purchased and want a special blend that’s socially or environmentally friendly.

If you provide coffee for your staff, about 65 percent of all workers will consume it, with the average intake approximately three cups a day. Alterra Coffee Roasters conducted a survey of office workers in 2011 and identified those statistics. They also noted that thirty-eight percent of the workers said they needed their coffee to make it through the day. Thirty percent of the workers felt it improved their productivity. It’s become an American office culture where workers now interact around the coffee pot. Whether drinking at the office, a coffee shop or just having a leisurely cup at home, there are some types of coffee that are far more popular than others are.

Medium Roast Central or South American Coffee

Coffee that’s from South or Central America, such as a Columbia or Brazil, which is medium roasted tends to be one of the more popular blends today. It’s not too harsh or strong and suitable for almost all coffee lovers. The most popular bean is the Arabica bean, which is far more expensive than the robusta.


While you might not find espresso in many offices, it’s a very popular drink nonetheless. You need a special coffee maker that forces the water through finely ground coffee to make a more intense cup of coffee.


If you love a frothy drink, cappuccino may be the right one for you. You use espresso to make cappuccino and a special machine that froths the milk. You get more froth with low fat milk than you do with normal milk. Today, there are packaged mixes that make a delicious cup of cappuccino.

Decaffeinated Coffee

For those who don’t want to run on high all day, a good cup of decaf can give them the coffee flavor without the buzz. It’s not nearly as high on the popularity list since most people want that little extra jolt of caffeine a cup of coffee brings.

Flavored Coffees

Some newer flavored coffees are getting a thumbs up, whether it’s in the office, restaurant or at home. The manufacturer flavored the coffee beans with vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut or a host of other delicious flavors. An alternative to flavored coffee is regular coffee with flavored creamers. These are popular in the workplace where not everyone wants a hazelnut or chocolate flavor in coffee, but makes it possible for those who do want it.


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