Fireworks, Holiday Lights And Coffee: Oh What Fun The Brew Can Be!

Coffee has been a staple in the American culture for centuries. In 1668, it was customary to drink a cup of coffee flavored with sugar, honey, and cinnamon with breakfast. The New England, New York, Maryland, and Pennsylvania colonies traded the raw coffee product. Notables like William Penn were known to buy green coffee supplies in the New York market.

  • The popularity of coffee grew quickly around the Old and the New Continents. Pope Clement VIII, in Italy, actually baptized the brew to make it an acceptable Christian beverage instead of denouncing it as an infidel influence from the Ottoman Empire.
  • In Italy, the first Italian coffee house opened in 1645. Not long after that, coffee houses opened in England where they became popular gathering places for intellectuals and regular people to discuss matters of general interest, politics, and many other topics.
  • The price paid then for a cup of coffee was a penny which is why coffee houses were nicknamed penny universities.
  • The Colonies also began to open coffee houses which quickly became magnets for social, political, business, and intellectual gatherings. For example, in Boston, The London Coffee House and the Gutteridge Coffee House were among the first ones to open.
  • The Green Dragon was another coffee house that stayed open for business from 1697 to 1832. There is almost no local or national event that did not include referencing The Green Dragon, or including a stop a this famous coffee house/tavern dubbed the headquarters of the American Revolution. Frequent patrons of The Green Dragon included John Adams and Paul Revere, to mention just two well known names.

If you have an interest in colonial architecture, the story of Charles Bulfinch, one of America’s most famous architects, is one you should read while sipping a cup of freshly brewed specialty coffee of your choice.

Trivia worth mentioning: the Exchange Coffee House in Boston took three years to build, was seven stories high and built of stone, marble, and brick. It cost a half a million dollars then in 1808, that was a lot of money! One of its main purposes besides the mercantile and exchange aspects of the business was to sell coffee. One can conclude with confidence, that people then were serious coffee aficionados.

With all this historical tradition about coffee, it is no surprise that the brew remains a beverage of choice and is as popular as the fireworks, parades, marches, and holiday lights that make the months of July to December really special. Think about it: Independence Day, Labor Day, September 11th Remembrance Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas to mention just a few of the special celebrations during this time of the year.

Go ahead, enjoy a cup of your favorite espresso coffee beverage, Spanish Espresso! Aaah! Like I say, great coffee, once tasted, always remembered.


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