Fireplace Doors

Fireplace doors are an alternative to regular fireplace screens. When I originally set out to find all the necessary accessories to go along with my new fireplace, I thought that I would simply purchases a traditional fireplace screen. Yet, after looking at the various fireplace doors that are available, I decided that these would make a more attractive fireplace.

There are fireplace doors that are single doors that cover the entire fireplace opening, and there are two piece fireplace doors that open on hinges with the connecting seam running down the middle of the fireplace opening.

These two types of fireplace doors make up the vast majority of fireplace doors, yet there are some more contemporary and unique styles that don’t quite fir into either of these categories. Additionally, not all fireplace doors are sold as complete units. With some types of fireplace doors, you will have to purchase the framing portions separately from the individual fireplace door pieces.

Be sure that you know which type of fireplace doors that you are purchasing, as to whether or not they will require additional framework to complete the opening and door installation. Some fireplace doors do come with everything that is required to complete your fireplace.

Of course buying the individual fireplace doors separate from the finishing framing pieces has its advantages. With this type of fireplace doors, you have more room to customize the design specifically to your liking.

There are fireplace door frames in nearly every type of material and finish imaginable, from gold, silver and pewter, to iron and many other types of materials. Whether your décor is dark, light or somewhere in between, there are fireplace door frames for every style or taste you may desire.

Though many people consider fireplace curtains to fit more in the fireplace screen category, I believe they fit more accurately within the fireplace doors category, as they can be placed in either a closed, open or partly open position.

A more expensive, yet truly unique look is to incorporate bi-fold glass fireplace doors. These lovely fireplace doors contain four panels of polished and tempered glass panels. Each half of these fireplace doors bends in the middle and slides along ball bearings located at the top and bottom of the doors. These typically also feature draft control at the bottom section of the doors.


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