Finishing The Job – Finishing Door Frames

When renovating any area of the home, the finishing can be most common aspect of the job that is overlooked.

If the home owner himself / herself is installing a new door frame, they may be so frustrated with the high degree of precision to do it right that they may just paint the new door frame & jam and go on to some other project.

If the new door frame is installed by a contractor, well the contractor may not agree with the home owner’s viewpoint on which party is going to take the time to properly finish the job. This is especially so if the contractor is not painting the new door frame.

What do we mean by finishing?

First, you need to make sure that the finishing nails which were used to attach the jam to the door frame are:

– actually sunk beneath the surface of the door jam, and

– covered with Wood Filler, the produce which looks and feels like caulking when it is first applied but unlike caulking dries to a hard finish.

Second, the Wood Filler applied to the holes in the jam caused by the finishing nails needs to be sanded to it properly blends into the surface of the door jam and will not be visible when the jam is painted.

Third, both upper corners where the two vertical jams meet the horizontal jam needs to be ‘finished’. In this case one could use either the same Wood Filler or paintable caulking in sufficient quantity so it appears that there is actually one continuous door jam and not three.

Fourth, caulking needs to be applied to the following areas:

– either side of both vertical jams and the horizontal jam at the top of the door frame for the appearance that the jams are actually part of the door frame

– the upper corners of the door frame where the vertical frames on either side of the door opening meet the horizontal frame

Lastely, two coats of paint.

The above takes time.

How do you know when the job is finished? It’s when no one notices.

How do you know when the job is not sufficiently finished? It’s when it looks messy and not complete. It’s also when your better half says “So, when are you going to finish the door frame?”.


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