Finding The Best Locations For Your Mobile Coffee Franchise

Owning a mobile coffee franchise is now one of the most popular ways of making money from your own business. However, your success as a coffee shop entrepreneur is highly dependent on where you can position your van and make sales. In this article we will discuss some of the most profitable places to pitch up and start selling.


The mobile coffee franchise actually has its origins in the events industry. Entrepreneurs saw that many events are held yearly in places where catering is unavailable, for example in outdoor show grounds, parks and even fields, or indoor events with no suitable catering already in place. These business owners responded by creating mobile catering and drinks vans, dispensing high quality food and drink at a great price.

To be successful with your food or drink business, make sure to pitch up in the right place. Ask to see a map or plan of the venue and look for a central ‘hub’ or meeting point. This is the perfect place to set up your stand as it is in the centre, where visitors will congregate when not viewing the exhibits. This will prove profitable as it is a place where unoccupied people will see your stand and suddenly want a snack or a drink!

Business Parks

A business park is a great place for a mobile coffee franchise as well as often the commercial property owners are looking to cut costs, especially in this climate. Your service can help them do this as they will no longer need to pay catering staff themselves, and could reallocate an indoor canteen as another rentable office space, allowing them to generate more income. Meanwhile, you could offer your service for free to them, instead passing on the cost to employees, who will see the value in purchasing your premium food and drinks.

Furthermore, there is unlikely to be much competition. Business parks tend to be away from rivals which are traditionally in town centres, meaning you can take all the orders from people looking for quality beverages!

Industrial Areas And Building Sites

Construction and manufacturing areas also offer great opportunities for your mobile coffee franchise. Let’s look at construction first. These temporary sites are unlikely to already have food or drink facilities, especially if away from major towns. Your services are ideal here and it’s best to approach the site manager to see if you can pitch up and refresh his team.

Next, industrial areas. Again, these are great for business just like out of town business parks. Usually such locations have low quality food vans, which tend to serve low quality food at heavily marked up prices, purely because there are no other caterers in the area! I’m sure you’ll be familiar with paying for a burger from a van or trailer that cost more than a meal at McDonalds! Customers such as these will welcome a high quality mobile coffee franchise as a tastier, healthier alternative, while factory owners will like the fact they no longer will need to arrange their own refreshments.


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