Feeling the Rhythm Through Rhyme

A professional drummer/percussionist and educator, Dave has collaborated on many songs that later led to him writing lyrics of his own. Most of his poems in this book were in fact initially written as song lyrics, thus the presence of repeating choruses though out. Actually it was Dave who first sparked the idea for the Brummet’s to walk this path they tread today – he decided to take a writer’s course to learn what he might be able to do with his short stories that he has compiled over the years. Most of those stories have remained unpublished to this day due to other projects taking precedence, but Dave plans to release some in the near future. His poem “UFO Dream” is the theme of one of his soon-to-be novels that he has been working on.

Join us while we share 2 poems excerpted from the collaborative work with his wife: Rhythm & Rhyme

Grooveyard – By D Brummet

Author note: My thesis on the magic of the power of music. How it keeps us young and takes us away from the blues of everyday life. I believe it is the element that sets people who play music apart from those that don’t. We have the ability to sit in that sandbox and play without a care in the world for what is going on around us at the time.

As children we play, in the dirt we get down

Oblivious to all that’s going on all around.

Then we grow up and we seem to lose

That ability to shut off the world’s blues.

We tend to get tangled in every day’s grief

Without any output to get some relief.

Making music it seems, is like being a kid once again

Nothing else matters it’s just you and your friends.

When we go play we can easily forget

All the stressful things that make us all fret.

Yet if we forget to stop and to play

We have lost the power of the child’s way

In the Grooveyard – Sitting in the sandbox

Playing in the playpen – Being with your friends and

Going to the Grooveyard – You don’t have to work hard

But to take a part – You’ve got to have heart while you’re

In the Grooveyard

You may be sick and you might feel down.

Things in your world are turning you around,

But music has charms to sooth that beast

It usually works – you’ve got to try it at least.

We’ve tried the drinks and pipes to make things abuzz

But nothing has the kick that making music does.

As musicians we play, and when we get down

There is no stopping us, we’re painting the town.

We’ll not give up the power at any cost

Of that childhood ability that’s so easily lost.

That way of getting through everyday grief

Because we have still have the output to get some relief.

There is no explaining the feeling we get

When it’s all over at the end of a set.

Shell-shocked from the venting of emotions

Onto a canvas of musically inspired devotions.

Humor flows and wise-crackers attack

As we wait and discuss when we can next get back.



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