Facts You Should Know About Nespresso Capsules

Are you planning to buy Nespresso coffee capsules? If your answer is yes then these fascinating facts are must read for you, because these facts will help you in making educated decision about your purchase. Here you’ll find out more about the caffeine content and calories that are found in these capsules along with other information that’s important but often ignored by people.

Key Points about the caffeine content of Nespresso capsules:

  • The amount of caffeine in these capsules remains somewhere between 55mg and 65mg. Lungo blends come with more caffeine content because they provide 20% more coffee in each capsule. The amount of caffeine also depends largely on the type of green coffee and the degree to which coffee beans have been roasted. However, in some cases origin of coffee beans leaves negligible impact on the amount of caffeine in these capsules.
  • It’s also worth pointing out that decaffeinated varieties of these capsules are also not free from caffeine completely. A negligible amount of caffeine (0.005 mg) still remains in them.
  • A serving of lungo comes with highest amount of caffeine while espresso comes with maximum 65mg of caffeine in 40ml serving. But even more important is the fact that there’s no straight correlation between caffeine content and intensity of coffee.
  • Basically, 16 calories are found in each Nespresso capsule. In each capsule there lies 43% of fat, 38% of carbs and 19% of proteins.

Facts about the pricing of these capsules:

Lungos and Espressos both cost $6.50 per sleeve. A sleeve consists of 10 capsules. Pure original quality of Grand Crus costs $6.70 per sleeve while limited editions of blends cost $7.00 per sleeve. Holiday variation also costs $7.00 per sleeve. These capsules can be purchased from any Nespresso boutique shops. You can also use digital purchase mediums like website, mail order and fax to purchase the capsules.

Facts about the composition of capsules:

Grand Crus, Holiday Variations and Limited Edition blends of Nespresso remain free from all allergens like lactose, nuts and gluten. Additionally, 100% pure coffee is used for making these blends. You can use these capsules with any Nespresso coffee machine. These capsules come in tightly sealed condition for preventing exposure to air and moisture. Any references to cocoa, milk and malt can be considered the major components of capsule’s aromatic profile. They don’t refer to the physical components in each capsule, as most of us assume. Only naturally extracted ingredients are used for making these capsules.



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