Facts About Coffee of the Month Clubs

Coffee of the month clubs are more popular than ever and have a lot to offer those who are subscribed to them, as well as those who are intrigued, but haven’t tried it out yet. These clubs are just what they sound like – clubs that send out new types of coffee to their subscribers on a monthly basis.

Wide Variety

Some months, clubs introduce coffee lovers to exotic blends, while other months bring more traditional varieties, but of the highest level of quality and taste. The best part about these clubs is that you will get to try coffees you otherwise would have probably never come across.

Features of Coffee of the Month Clubs

The details of the club offered by your favorite gourmet coffee company will depend on that particular business, but the following are common features:

· Ground or whole coffee beans (one to two pounds normally)

· Biscotti, muffins, cookies or crackers

· Unique blends from all over the country and world

· K cups

· Information about where the beans come from

· Choices of type of coffee and flavors

· Syrups

· Bonus gifts

Most people can choose the type of subscription they want based on the coffee that they like the best. The amount of coffee will also vary with different companies and packages, which will be reflected in the price.

Easy Sign-up

Anyone can join a coffee of the month club! These clubs are open to all types of people and ages, whether you love a dark brew or decaf. To join the club, all you have to do is head online, provide your billing and shipping information, and choose the appropriate monthly package.

A credit card is required in order to sign up. Some companies charge the full price for the year up front, while others charge when each of the different shipments are sent. The charges and fees will depend on the company with which you work.

With a couple clicks of the mouse and a few keystrokes, you can sit back and await delicious gourmet coffee hand delivered to your home. The ease of signing up and participating in the club are what most people can’t resist about joining these clubs.

Try Something New

Whether you are looking into a coffee of the month club to treat yourself or give someone else as a birthday present, it will serve as a unique treat not many people think to purchase. Your friend or family member will appreciate your originality and opening up of their taste buds to new experiences.



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