Facebook Ad Tips for Brands and Business Owners

A Facebook Ad is getting more influential when it comes to upscaling your business during this pandemic time. With digital marketing opportunities, Facebook Ad is one of the effective techniques that many freelancers and businesses are using. One of the main reasons is because it maximizes the way of coping up with marketing strategies.

What’s more, Facebook Ads is playing a big factor in business continuity and success. This technique presents exciting and endless possibilities on how digital marketing can shape the future of the business. But, how to create an effective Facebook ad?

The first thing to consider in building an effective Facebook Ad is to make sure that the budget is spent on the right audience. This means that your ad converts those leads into sales.

Tips in Creating An Effective Facebook Ad
1. Familiarize with sizing and specific requirements

In making sure that your Facebook ad is effective, you need to ensure that you’re using the right sizes and specifications. There are four ad formats you can choose from: images, video, carousel, and slideshow ads. These four formats are different that’s why you need to research for the required size and resolution of each of these four ad formats.

2. Create relevant Facebook Ad

The relevance score of the ad is measured through the quality and engagement level of the ad. The cost per click, click-through rate, and the frequency of your ad. So, you need to create an ad that is engaging, informative, and useful to your audience.

3. Not all Facebook ads placement are created equal

There are two kinds of ad placements: automatic and manual placement. It is vital to choose the right placement for your ad because not all placements are created perfectly. Here’s an example, if your business is mainly on Facebook, choose only the manual placement, why? If you’re using the automatic placement and you’re not using Instagram for your business, the IG placement will be wasted. Instead, use manual and pick the best placement for your Facebook Ad whether a desktop view, mobile view, through Messenger, as a Story, etc…).

4. Match your competitors

Another tip to build an effective and efficient Facebook Ad is to match your competitors by understanding the average cost per click. It is essential to analyze how your competitors are doing for you to check effective ads and identify where to improve your ads. In the Ads Manager, you can see the different metrics where you can see the different costs per messaging, cost per click, and engagement generated from your Facebook Ad.

Targeting your audience is the key factor in building an effective Facebook Ad. This is vital since the main goal of the ad is to make sure that the audience that will be seeing your ad has the capacity to buy from your products.

Tips in Targeting Audience
1. Master Facebook Remarketing

Facebook Remarketing is re-targeting people who inquired, visited your page or site but did not purchase from you. This is because there are people who are interested but are not ready to buy from you. This targeting technique is an effective way of making sure that you’re not missing and wasting any potential market.

2. Get familiar with custom audience

Custom audience allows you to target at least 5 different user segments. A custom audience encompasses those who engaged in your page, visited your site, and sent you a message. The custom audience can be used for retargeting, you don’t need to worry to know their demographics because there’s an automation that generates it. A custom audience is a great way of maximizing opportunities but, if ever you have a new page, this is not applicable to you. You need to establish first your business by creating organic social media ads, growing your business, and increasing your followers. And, when you have many visitors, you can use your custom audience.

3. Experiment with lookalike audiences

A lookalike audience is alike with a custom, however, the only difference is it is

Facebook will gather the relevant data for you based on the number of percentages. You must not miss this since this is one of the effective ways of targeting the audience for your Facebook Ad.

4. Leverage audience insights for audience creation

Understanding your audience insights is a way of understanding your market. Some benefits of audience analysis are:

  • Time savings
  • Cost-efficient
  • Complete data
  • Enhance planning and overall Facebook Ad strategy

In this digital era, maximizing the power of Digital Marketing is the effective way of making your business grow to the maximum level and Facebook Ad is one of the most powerful strategies.







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