Exotic Coffee

There are two types of coffee beans: the coffea robusta and coffea Arabica. Experts tell us that the quality of a coffee is dependent on the conditions of the areas the coffee beans are growing and cultivated and the process of producing the coffee. There are few ideal locations where combined of the best conditions can produce the best exotic coffees.

Arabica coffee beans were originally cultivated in the southwestern mountains of Ethiopia, Yemen, and Kenya where it got its name Arabica. Presently, Arabica coffee beans are in some tropical regions such as Indonesia, Colombia, and Brazil. It grows best in mountainous areas and more susceptible to pests. It thrives best in low pH soil, lighter shades, rainy, and with 20 degrees centigrade temperature. For best results, its coffee cherry beans must be harvested at its maximum ripeness, goes through the right processing, grading, roasting, grinding, and packaging. To achieve the desired aroma and flavor, it must follow the right way of storing and brewing of the coffee beans. Arabica coffee beans make milder and lesser bitter coffee.

Robusta coffee beans have the ability to grow in low or high altitudes like Indonesia, Brazil, and Vietnam. These coffee beans have twice the volume of caffeine than the Arabica coffee beans which are ideal for high caffeine blends. The beans are smaller and darker. It is characterized by a very bold body with less acid.

Kopi Luwak is the best and the most expensive exotic coffee in the world. It involves two main procedures: the animal and the human process. The term means civet coffee attributing to the Asian palm civet that eats the entire ripened coffee berries from the coffee plants in the plantations found in Java, Sulawesi, and Sumatra. The digestive system of the civet or the luwak has somehow a special effect on the seeds of the coffee cherries that when they come out as wastes or feces, they remain as whole coffee cherries. Then the farmers collect the luwak’s wastes, wash and clean them thoroughly, sun-dry and roast them and pack them for human consumption. Kopi Luwak is characterized by its unique, rich, and strong flavor with caramel or chocolatey tastes.

Because of the unique process of producing this kind of coffee and limited supply, Kopi Luwak is the most expensive exotic coffee all over the world. It does not matter, though, because you are buying the coffee to experience a unique kind of coffee.

Other exotic coffees are the Jamaica Blue Mountain, Hawaiian Kona, Ethiopia Kaffa, and Yemen Mocha.

Bring home with you the exotic Kopi Luwak and enjoy the experience of a unique strong coffee flavor combined with the taste of chocolatey that lingers in the tongue. Start the day and end the day with cups of exotic coffee!



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