Everything You Need to Know About Exam 640-760

Are you planning to take Exam 640-760: Supporting Cisco Service Providers IP NGN Operations (SSPO) V1? If so, this blog post is for you! Here, you will find all the information you need to know about the exam, including its topics, format, and tips on how to prepare. We’ll also provide insight into what kind of career opportunities await you upon successful completion of the exam. Read on to learn more and get ready to become a certified Cisco Service Provider expert!


The Basics
The Exam 640-760: Supporting Cisco Service Providers IP NGN Operations (SSPO) V1 is an important certification for those seeking to support service providers in the areas of NGN operations. This exam tests a candidate’s knowledge and skills regarding the implementation, operation, and troubleshooting of IP NGN systems. To pass this exam, a candidate must have a thorough understanding of core network services, protocols, technologies, and network management techniques. The exam includes questions on topics such as Networking Fundamentals, Access, Core, and Edge Services, Network Management and Troubleshooting, Security, Quality of Service, and other related topics. Candidates are expected to have working knowledge of Layer 2 protocols, as well as experience in configuring routers, switches, and other networking devices.


In order to be eligible to take the Exam 640-760: Supporting Cisco Service Providers IP NGN Operations (SSPO) V1, applicants must have a valid Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification or equivalent. Applicants with a valid CCNA Routing and Switching certification will also be considered, however some extra preparation may be required. Additionally, applicants should have at least 6 to 12 months of experience in configuring, monitoring, and troubleshooting Cisco routers, switches, and IP NGN operations.

Exam Topics
Exam 640-760, Supporting Cisco Service Providers IP NGN Operations (SSPO) V1, is a certification exam for networking professionals interested in pursuing a career in the service provider industry. It is designed to assess a candidate’s skills and knowledge in areas such as network management, provisioning, and troubleshooting. The exam covers topics including network design, security, quality of service, and Layer 2 technologies. By passing this exam, candidates demonstrate their ability to effectively implement, maintain, and troubleshoot Cisco Service Provider networks.


Study Resources
If you’re looking to take Exam 640-760: Supporting Cisco Service Providers IP NGN Operations (SSPO) V1, there are a number of resources available to help you prepare. You can find official practice exams and study guides from Cisco, as well as online tutorials and reviews from experienced professionals. Additionally, you should look into taking a preparatory class that covers the topics tested on the exam, or self-study with a review book. All of these resources can help you to become more familiar with the material and give you a better chance of passing the exam.

How to Register
If you are looking to take Exam 640-760: Supporting Cisco Service Providers IP NGN Operations (SSPO) V1, you will need to register for the exam. The exam can be registered for through Pearson VUE, which is an authorized test center. You can find the closest test center to you by visiting the Pearson VUE website and entering your zip code. Once you have selected a test center, you will need to purchase a voucher to complete your registration. Once you have registered and purchased your voucher, you will need to schedule a time to take the exam.

Taking the Exam

The Cisco 640-760 Supporting Cisco Service Providers IP NGN Operations (SSPO) V1 Exam is designed to test a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of the concepts, technology, and best practices associated with supporting IP NGN services in a service provider environment. The exam covers topics such as service provider network design, implementation, troubleshooting, operations, and management. Upon successful completion of the exam, candidates are rewarded with the Cisco Certified Network Professional Service Provider certification.
Those who choose to pursue the exam can expect to spend approximately 2 hours completing the 85-95 questions that cover topics such as IP NGN service provider concepts and technologies, service provider operations, service provider networks, IP NGN security and access control, IP NGN quality of service, and IP NGN network services. To pass the exam, a score of 700 or higher is required. Good luck!

What’s Next?
If you are planning to take the 640-760 Exam, there are several steps that you need to take to ensure you have the best chance of success. Firstly, it is important to understand the exam objectives and format before you start studying. Once you have an understanding of the material, you should begin by creating a study plan that covers all the topics on the exam. Lastly, practice with sample questions to ensure you feel prepared for the day of the exam. Taking these steps will give you the confidence you need to pass the Exam 640-760 and become certified as a Cisco Service Provider IP NGN Operations (SSPO) V1.