Energy Facts – Ganoderma Coffee VS Coffee

The caffeine content in coffee stimulates the body and is loved by all those who drink it. Though it gives most people energy for at least a couple of hours, the health problems attributed to large amounts of caffeine is making people look for an alternative which gives the same amount of energy boost, but with no side effects.

That is exactly what the organic coffee containing Ganoderma, does, and with its time tested Chinese solution. The amount of caffeine in a normal cup of coffee is so often the major point of any discussion surrounding the relationship between coffee to health.

The reasons for this query is:

  • The boost given by caffeine is very desirable.
  • Caffeine can be bad for one’s health and for some, should be avoided.

Is Caffeine present in coffee made with Ganoderma?
Yes, absolutely. It combines 100% Arabic beans which contain caffeine, with the odorless and tasteless ingredient called Ganoderma, which has a revitalizing effect on the body.

What is the relation between Ganoderma and caffeine?
Ganoderma reduces and sometimes eliminates completely caffeine’s side effects like exhaustion due to secretion of adrenalin, and low levels of vitamins and minerals caused by drinking too much caffeinated coffee.

Moreover Ganoderma provides the same energy boost given by caffeine and this effect remains with the person for a longer duration.

The body does undergo some symptoms, which can feel like side effects when it is being detoxified by the actions of Ganoderma. These effects due to the detoxification activities, are necessary for regaining the health and energy lost by taking in too much toxins, and the duration of these effects depend on the present health conditions of the person.

The reduction of side effects by Ganoderma
The ability of Ganoderma to reduce the side effects produced by caffeine, and sometimes completely eliminate them, has been verified by research and the testimonials of thousands of people. Ganoderma or Reishi relaxes the body’s muscles by inhibiting the action of acetylcholine on the nervous system brought about by the caffeine in Ganoderma coffee.

People welcome the fact that the organic coffee with Ganoderma does not produce the side effects of caffeine, which they regularly experience when they have a cup of normal coffee daily. This type of organic coffee gives all health conscious people, the taste of coffee and an energy boost at the same time without any side effects.


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