Electric Coffee Makers – Choosing the Best One For You

There are very few homes that do not have electric coffee makers welcoming the early morning rays. With so many different types of to choose from, the consumer will have a specific brewing principle in mind when shopping for a perfect model. Ranging from the old-fashioned percolators, standard drip brewing types, automatic drip-brew, and water displacement drip models, each variety of model will make a different type of brew.

Percolator – this old-fashioned electric coffeemaker is popular among older people and can still be purchased today.

Automatic Drip – using a filter to hold the grounds in a basket, the machine is turned on and water runs over the grounds to fill the pot below with brewed coffee.

French Press – considered a higher class of coffee than the automatic drip, the strong aroma coffee is a rich and heavy, full-bodied blend. Portable, it does not require filters.

Expresso Machines – a strong coffee, this is a great machine for making cappuccinos and that first shot of eye-opener coffee in the morning.

Vacuum Coffee Maker – The most original maker style, the pot sucks water from a lower chamber into the coffee-filled upper chamber. One of the best coffee pots for smooth and rich coffee with no bitter aftertaste. An older electric coffee maker, they are still available for those who prefer a smooth quality coffee.

Single Cup Coffee Maker – for those who are not heavy drinkers or live alone, the single cup coffee maker can brew a cup in about four minutes. The 8-ounce double walled stainless steel cup that is part of the set keeps the liquid hot so it can go to the office.

Knowing how to pick out the right electric coffee model takes some know-how, beginning with color. Coffee usually will stain cups and coffee pots, so picking out a white or clear coffee pot will stain more than a black or dark colored one, with the darker colors always looking nicer longer. Long necks on the old-fashioned percolator will be hard to clean, so the newer pour spouts would be easier to keep clean. Over time residue will build up if the coffee pot cannot be cleaned with soap and water, so being able to place the entire hand inside the pot will help clean the area better.

Timers are wonderful accessories to have on an electric coffee pot, allowing a person to wake up early in the morning with fresh drink ready-to-go. Other accessories include, attached grinders as freshly ground coffee always tastes better; the shape of the housing that is larger will keep the pot hotter longer, covering at least half the coffee pot area; a built-in water filtration system; and make sure the coffee reaches 200 degrees F. The electric coffee maker has a long history behind it, with high tech advances offering one of the widest varieties of appliances on the market.







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