Eating Well for a Ski Holiday

If you’ve ever tried some of the more challenging or longer ski runs at La Tania, you’ll know the importance of starting out the day with a hearty meal in your ski chalet. La Tania has many slopes of varying difficulty levels for skiers, but no matter their level, all skiers share one thing in common – the right food before going skiing can make all the difference in the world to how you feel, and how long you can ski for! Here are a few tips for making the most of your time skiing with a bite to eat.

Ski Snacks

If you’re heading out on the slopes, whether it’s for a day of cross-country skiing or just a day where you want to stay on the snow for as long as possible, it’s important to make sure you’re snacking on high-energy food in order to keep you going for the whole day right from your ski chalet. La Tania has so much skiing space, taking a few snacks with you keeps your stamina up, and gives you a reason for a few breaks now and then. Salted crackers, breakfast cereals, dark chocolate, nuts, and energy bars are all good ideas to keep you on your feet and skiing for longer.

Take Them With You

It’s also important to keep up your liquid intake during the day. Despite the cold, you’ll dehydrate quickly as with any physical sport – and you may not notice it as moisture is quickly evaporated with the cold and the wind as you ski! Put different beverages in different thermos flasks, and it’s usually a good idea to be able to tell them apart by colour. Ideal drinks include tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and water. If you have a sturdy, comfortable daypack lying around, then bring it out of your ski chalet – La Tania is a big place, so it’s a good idea to put enough drinks and snacks in the pack to last through the day, and arrange them in a way that doesn’t cause you to overbalance while you’re skiing!


If you’re planning to stop for a meal break, La Tania has many bars and restaurants that are perfect for a break in between a morning and afternoon’s skiing or snowboarding. Le Bouc Blanc sits at the top of the La Tania gondola, making it accessible to skiers and non-skiers alike, with a mixed menu and a large terrace to enjoy the sunshine on. A little further on, you can find Le Roc if you take the Dou les Lanches lift after the gondola. It also has a great menu of mountain favourites, and spectacular 360 degree views. It certainly makes a change from eating in a ski chalet. La Tania has many restaurants in the town itself, if you decide you don’t mind a break from the pistes.


La Tania is also home to a boulangerie, and a general food store, La Saucisse Savoyarde, that can supply fresh produce. As well as stocking cheeses and wines, it also imports British products such as HP sauce, PG Tips tea, Walkers crisps, and even British bacon! There is also a daily-changing menu of meals to take back to your ski chalet. La Tania has many options for self-catering, so it’s important to make sure your diet doesn’t let you down as you ski!


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