Easy Install – Patio Doors 101

Whether you’ve decided on Masonite French or Masonite’s center-hinged patio doors, the fact is, that stunning new set of doors will never see its full potential leaning up against a wall in your garage. If you’ve come this far, then it’s time to get serious about mounting your patio doors. Not only will installing them add some extra functionality to your home, your sense of pride and accomplishment will increase dramatically too!

In just a few simple steps you can have your new doors installed and functioning beautifully.

1. Determine your Rough Opening and Door Frame size.
o Rough opening width is measured from the inside of the stud frame to the opposite stud.
o Rough opening height is measure from the sub-floor to the bottom of the header.

2. Do not proceed until the sub-floor is clean and level.

3. Remove all packaging from your door (including any wood screws in the top of the header).

4. Apply caulk to the flat surfaces of the bottom sill, bottom jambs, and grooves.

5. Fit the unit into the rough opening.
o Do not try this without assistance.

6. Shim and Fasten the unit.
o Shim the bottom of the unit, tightly and as indicated in your door’s manual. Shim the top of the unit, as indicated.
o Confirm a 1/8″ gap between the top of the door and the frame header.

7. Insulate and Install.
o Score the shims with a razor and snap them flush with the frame.
o Insulate any gaps between the frame and rough opening with fiberglass blanket insulation.



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