Easy Chicken Asparagus Soup

What? Chicken and asparagus soup? How good can that be? Very good!

Many families today are always in such a hurry. You get up, get the children ready for school, off to work, long commutes, bring the children to their soccer games, etc., etc., etc. With schedules like this, an easy and delicious dish is a Godsend.

This is a fantastic and very easy soup that is made with canned chicken broth, canned asparagus and canned chicken breast, which makes it great for a quick and tasty dish. Don’t worry about the canned ingredients, it comes out as good, or better, than any soup I’ve had. My wife and mother (both great cooks) loved this soup.


4-14 ounce cans chicken broth

1-10.5 ounce can of asparagus with the liquid drained and preserved (set asparagus aside)

3/8 pound linguine pasta, broken into about 3″ long pieces

1. Put the chicken broth, the asparagus liquid, and the pasta into a medium-large pot. Cover the pot and bring it to a boil, cooking the pasta according to the package time or until done the way you like it.

1-12.5 ounce can white chicken meat with juice

1/4 teaspoon white pepper (or more to taste)

2. Add the chicken, including its juices, the set-aside asparagus, and the pepper to the pot and then immediately remove the pot from the heat.

1/2 cup finely-chopped Virginia ham (optional)

3. Place the soup into individual bowls and garnish each bowl with the chopped ham.