Doorknobs – There Are Many To Choose

We’ve come along way in doors over the years. Centuries ago, the door was what you had killed that day. It could be the hide of a buffalo or other animal that was hanging in front of the door to keep the outside out there.

Today, in the United States alone there are over 114 million doorways, and few to none of them are covered with hides. That’s a huge number. 114 million doorways, most with doors, and most of those doors with doorknobs. A lot of companies are making their bread and butter off of a piece of hardware that we ignore, for the most part. It makes you think we should be more appreciative of the job that doorknobs do. But it’s not easy to get people to appreciate things that they are used to taking for granted.

But you could begin your own crusade to get doorknobs the appreciation they deserve. There are a number of ways to do this. You could start by giving your own doorknobs a little love and giving them a good cleaning and lubrication if they need it. If you have any that are getting old and worn out, it may be a good time to change them out and the best way to make an impact on others is by showing them the beauty of your doorknobs. This means you should put knobs that demand attention on your doors. The feel of stone doorknobs are a quick way to get someone to stop and look at the hardware they usually ignore. Another option is glass doorknobs that will shimmer and shine when the light hits them.

What about a doorknob party? It’s all based around doorknobs and doorknob trivia.
You could serve up doorknob themed appetizers (anything with mushroom tops would work) and serve up drinks in hollow doorknobs.

Then you get to the trivia portion of the evening. The more people know they more they can get out of the party. You could even give away some nice glass or stone doorknobs as a prize for the most knowledgeable player. Here are some sample questions:

Q: What’s the most common doorknob shape?

A: Round

Q: What’s the hardest shape of doorknob to use?

A: Round

Q: What is the easiest kind of doorknob to use?

A: egg-shaped.

Q: Name three materials doorknobs are made of?

A: Metal, steel, brass, wood, glass, ceramic, plastic and stone doorknobs are possible answers.

Q: How wide is the average doorknob?

A: Approx 2 ¼ inches

Q: What is a knob spindle?

A: It’s the piece of metal that turns the lock latch as your turn the knob.

Q: What is the knob-top?

A: The part of the knob your hand grabs.

Q: What is the knob shank?

A: It’s the long piece of metal that goes into the middle of the knob, and attaches to the spindle, so you can open the door.

Q: What types of doorknobs are most coveted by collectors?

A: Antique glass doorknobs.

Now that you’re equipped, write out those invitations and pull in some doorknob love!


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