Doorknobs – It Is A Good Thing They Were Invented

Have you ever thought what it would be like without doorknobs? Like, how would your door stay shut? Or, what about privacy? You wouldn’t have any because you wouldn’t be able to lock your door? So, you might take them for granted, but in actuality, they are pretty important little fixtures.

Really, without doorknobs, opening and shutting doors would be pretty difficult, and it’s a good thing that they were invented by a man named O. Dorsey back in the late 1800’s.

One thing about doorknobs that you might not know is that there are actually different types and serve different purposes. For example, if you’re looking for one to be put on your front door, then you want to go with an entryway doorknob. The reason being is that this version of this fixture has a cylindrical locking device that can be locked and opened with a key. Now, if you need one for your bedroom, then one of the privacy variety would be the way to go because it can also be locked, but does not require a key. The two other types available include passageway ones that do not lock, which can be used on a closet or hallway door, and dummy ones that are just there for show.

Along with the different types, doorknobs also come in a wide variety of styles, which is great for you because then you can easily find just the right ones to match the present décor of your space. For instance, you can get ones that are very sleek and modern looking, others that have an antique vibe to them, and ones that are also plainer and are on the traditional side. There are even ones that are on the colonial side and others that combine styles.

The reason why there are so many styles when it comes to doorknobs is because they are made out of a wide variety of materials. Like, the ones that have a modern feel would probably be made out of metal and would feature like a brushed stainless steel finish. Or, the ones that are antique would also be made out of metal, but would feature like a distressed finish. They could even be made from crystal or glass too.

A great way to check out all the doorknobs that you could purchase for your space is by going online and doing some shopping. Breezing through all the different sites is a synch and normally when you come across something you like, it will be at the best prices possible. Your selections will even be shipped right to your door, which is pretty convenient because you don’t even have to leave your home to do it.

When it comes down to it, doorknobs are fixtures that are pretty important because without them, a lot of other things, like locking doors, would be pretty hard to do. So, don’t take them for granted anymore and if you are thinking about purchasing some new ones for your home, remember to do your shopping online.


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