Doorknob – Give Your Doors a Little Glamour

Riddle: You use this every day. You probably use it more than once before you even leave your house but you don’t really look at it. What is it? No it is not your hairbrush. It is a door knob. There is one on your bedroom door, the bathroom door and the house door. They may all look the same to you, but they can actually be quite decorative.

Commonly made of brass or other metals a doorknob can also be made from cut glass, stone, or wood with colorful and stylish effects. Maybe they are carved with many facets or polished to a smooth sheen, their colors glinting in the light. Whether you want one of intricately designed metal or colorful glass the best place to shop for a doorknob is online.

Rather than hitting up every hardware store in town only to be frustrated by their slim selection try shopping online. Not only will you find the largest selection but the most reasonable prices as well. Browse glass knobs in a rainbow of colors and shapes from circle to hexagon and even square. Maybe you want to make a statement with an oversized shiny chrome doorknob or add a touch of elegance with an ornately detailed ceramic knob. The possibilities are endless when you shop online for your next doorknob and other hardware.

When re-doing a room or updating your home, it is often the smallest details that really bring the project together. Finding a doorknob that suits your style can be a fun adventure. From smooth marble to golden brass and carved wood to jewel cut glass a doorknob can be very decorative. Besides considering how you want your doorknob to look you need to determine where you are going to place it because there are different doorknobs for different jobs.

If you need a new doorknob for your front door you need one that can lock with a key. These are called entrance doorknobs. A passage, hall or closet knob is used where a lock is not essential. For a bedroom or a bathroom where privacy is needed you can use a privacy knob which can lock without a key. A dummy or fixed knob is also great for closet doors or doors that aren’t used very often. Once you know what kind of knob you need you can start browsing all the fun and stylish options available.

Maybe you want a lion’s head for the front door and ruby colored glass for the front closet. You could lend a Victorian look to the pantry with a milk glass doorknob that matches the cabinets. You could go earthy with stone or marble knobs on the bedroom doors or go for a country look with round wooden knobs on the doors. No matter what type or style of doorknob you are looking for you are sure to find it online. So add a little fun and sophistication to your drab doors with new doorknobs that are as vibrant as you are.


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