Door Knockers – A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Right Door Knocker

Door knockers have a conflicting purpose in our modern times. Only a century ago they were used to alert residents of a guest outside, in our modern times they are mainly used as ornamental door accessories apart from a few exceptions, as we now have an electronic door bell for this.

Still they can give character to the front of your property and especially your front door Choosing the right door knocker gives you an opportunity to show off your art deco skills to oncoming guests.

You should consider a couple of points before purchasing a new door knocker:

What style of property do you have?

The answer to this question matters a lot. A modern apartment wouldn’t want to have an old style Victorian door knocker hanging outside; it just wouldn’t go with the general theme. Decide what style of property you have, whether it’s modern, country themed or a town house and then we can move on.

What style of door do you have?

The same applies to this question, but usually if you have a modern apartment, you will a modern styled door You might have a modern styled home and your door is wooden and a lightly coloured brown, in which case a chrome or even a brass door knocker would be suited to your home.

So to wrap things up, the material of your door dictates what type of door knocker you should use. Light coloured wood doors and glass windowed doors go very well with chrome and brass door knockers. While a dark coloured door is suited to a black cast iron door knocker.

You should also consider what style your door handle is and work to match both the door handle, the door itself and the style of your property.


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