Door Knobs – A Reflection on Your Style and Taste

You might not know it, but if the door knobs in your home are a bit on the shabby side, then they will throw off the look of your entire home. It does not matter how beautifully everything else is decorated because when someone reaches down to open a door, they are going to be displeased by what they see, leaving an impression that you do not know how to decorate.

So, to leave an impression that you do know what you are doing make sure that you have some attractive door knobs in place that tie into the motif of the different rooms in your home. Through online shopping, you will see that there are many styles available when it comes to these lovely fixtures so you can get one that nicely fits into the décor of your home. For example, if your home is older, like built back during the early 1900’s, then you probably do not want to go with something that has a new look to it.

In fact, you would want to go with something that has a vintage feel and one nice option would be ones that are crafted from glass that have an oil rubbed base made from metal. Another nice option would be one crafted from ceramic that has a polished brass base. If you home is more modern, then some nice options would be ones crafted from wood, others that are made of metal, and some that are fashioned out of porcelain. Along with all the different material options, they also come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes like round, oval, and rosette shaped ones and some that eve feature a lever design.

When browsing all of the options online, or at your local hardware store, keep in mind what exactly you are going to be using the door knobs for. If you need one for your front door, make sure you purchase an entryway model that has a keyed cylinder for locking and unlocking. For your bedroom or bathroom, instead of an entryway version, you will need a privacy one that locks, but does not utilize a keyed cylinder. If you just need one for its looks, then you would go with dummy one that does not turn and for ones that do not lock, yet have to open and shut things, the choice for you are those of the hallway or passageway variety.

So, if the door knobs in your home are on the shabby side, whether you want them to or not, they are going to throw off the look of your entire home. If you want to leave an impression that you are decorating guru, then you have to have everything in place and that includes these fixtures. There are many lovely options, so finding ones to match your space is actually pretty easy and with new ones in place, your home will definitely have a look that is sure to please.

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