Door Knob – One Under Appreciated Accessory

Many of us have seen a beautiful, antique brass, bronze, glass, and porcelain door knob and wished it still had all of its hardware so we could put it on one of our doors. These knobs are so classy and remind us of another era. We want to put them on display, but how?

There are many ways to easily display an old, non-working door knob that makes it both functional and beautiful. You can spruce up your entryway, your bathroom, or your kid’s room with this easy project:

Make a coat/robe/towel/bag/hat rack! All you need is:

o A few pretty door knobs

o A wood base (An easy and inexpensive base is a sanded 1″x 6″ cut to length and finished.)

o 1-1/2″ wood screws with heads that will fit inside the base of your door knobs (as many as you have knobs)

o Construction glue that adheres wood to metal

o Two 2-1/2″ screws with drywall anchors for mounting (These screws will be showing. Choose accordingly.)

o A variety of sandpaper

o Stain or paint

o Screwdriver, level, drill

o Handsaw (optional – Many lumberyards and home improvement stores will cut your wood for free if you ask and have your measurements.)


1) Figure out the length of your wood base by allowing at least 6″- 8″ between the centers of each door knob, and then add half of that amount to each end. For instance, if you want to mount five knobs, 6″ on center, with 3″ on each end, figure it like this: (5×6) + (2×3) = 36″ or 3′. (Tip: Consider the width and overall size of the item(s) you will be hanging. If you are hanging hats, measure from brim to brim and add an inch.)

2) Measure and mark where each knob and the two mounting screws will go. I suggest placing your mounting screws equally between your end knob and the next one. Remember to measure top-to-bottom and make your marks on center. (Tips: 1) If you are staining, mark with pencil very, very lightly or it will show through. 2) Find your measurement then make a divot in your base with the tip of a screw. Make it deep enough to be seen through paint.)

3) Sand the ends and edges of your base. Paint and let dry.

4) Using the divots, screw a 1-1/2″ wood screw in each place you want to put a door knob, leaving 1″ showing. (Tip: Now is the time to decide the order of your door knobs.)

5) Using the construction glue, glue a door knob to each screw by inserting the glue tip about an inch into the door handle base and squirt a dollop. Also carefully but heavily, coat the rest of the interior of the door knob base.

6) Slowly slide glue-prepared knob onto screw, keeping excess glue off the wood base, until the knob base sits flush with the wood base. (Tip: Keep a moist rag and paper towels handy to wipe off excess glue.)

7) Continue steps five and six until all knobs are mounted. (Tip: If you are a righty, start on the left end. If you are a lefty, start on the right. This keeps your freshly-mounted knobs out of your way.)

8) Let it dry as long as the glue recommends in the “knobs up” position. (Tip: If you mount before the glue is completely dry, some knobs may tip or slip.)

9) Mount on the wall using the mounting screws and drywall anchors listed above. Remember to use your level! (Tip: place level on top edge of wood base. Find level. Push a screw through to mark where to drill holes for the drywall anchors.)

Now hang up your hat! (Or coat!) The rounded shape of the door knob helps keep the shape of both. However, if you think it would be a shame to cover them up, use your custom rack to hang bags or umbrellas so the door knobs show.


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