Door Hinges – They’re Really Imporant

A room is not a room without a door and door hinges. If there were no hinges you would have either a wall or a hole in the wall. Without door hinges there would never have been the song lyrics ‘ nobody knows what happens behind closed doors”, because doors couldn’t have closed in order for secret things to happen behind them.

You must be thinking there had to be something that was used before the shift was made to what we today know as door hinges. You would be right. What was around before hinges was portiers. These were large tapestries that were hanging in front of a big hole in the wall. They would block the entryway to a room and had to be pushed out of the way every time you wanted to go in or out.

Going further back in time were large rocks that would have to be rolled in front of the door and then rolled away, or pieces of wood that were pulled in front of the doorway and pushed back every time you wanted to go in and out. While it did the general job of a door, it was a very inconvenient, and very heavy, way to go.

These images illustrate why we should be thankful that someone finally came up with the great idea to make a more easy to use access to a room, namely a door on door hinges.

Selecting The Proper Door Hinges

Now that you appreciate the invention of door hinges, you need to make sure you have the right ones at work in your home. First, make sure you have enough to do the job that needs to be done on your door.

For the most part you will be able to choose between 2 or 3 door hinges on most doors. In some cases the door will come with the set number of hinges. In other cases, you should think about the weight of the door before deciding on the number of hinges that should be used.

While wood doors are generally able to be held with two hinges (unless they are very heavy wood or oversized door), if you have a steel door you need to make sure the hinges are strong enough to hold it. This means you may once again want to go with three door hinges, instead of the traditional two, for the extra stability they will afford.

If you hear a squeaking door sometimes it’s not that it needs oil it’s that it’s too heavy for the two hinges it’s being held by and needs a third one. You can solve the problem by doing just that, adding a third door hinge to relieve some of the stress.

Remember, you want substantial hinges. These items will be getting a work out day after day in your home, and you want ones that will hold up to the test of time. You get what you pay for, so you may want to pay for more door hinges that will do the job you need them to get done, and do it right.


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