Door Hinges – An Important Part Of Your Home

Door hinges well may be the most under appreciated items in your home. Think about it, how often do you think about your door hinges? You probably only really notice them when they begin squeaking or creaking. You notice them even more when they start to frustrate you because no matter how much WD40 you have, it isn’t going to stop your hinges from failing. Unfortunately door hinges getting old and squeaking and creaking is a part of life. Its just time passing.

When your door hinges have gone past their prime, you can’t always find matching hinges to replace the ones that had treated you so well, for so long. So, your only option is to replace all the hinges on a door and if there are more doors in the room, you’ll probably have to replace those as well, or else that one hinge will be a tacky standout.

Although they are small pieces of hardware, they will catch the eye if there’s one that doesn’t match. It’s the old truth that no one notices when things are right, but they always seem to see when things are wrong.

Most doors today are sold pre-hung, with hinges on them, when you get a new door it usually comes with factory standard door hinges. If you are remodeling you want to make sure the new door hinges fit the style of all the other ones in the house. Thankfully they are easy to swap out. The holes for door hinges are usually standard as long as you buy the same size that you had previously.

The door hinges you have will likely have either two or three holes. How you change the door hinges depends on which style you have. If you are replacing three-hole door hinges, you should start by putting in the middle screw first, then put in the bottom screw. Finally you should put in the top screw. If you repeat this on both the top and bottom of a cabinet door you will be able to keep your door in alignment. If you have two-hole door hinges things can get a little trickier. The easiest way to do them is to have someone help you. Their job will be to hold the door in place while you put the screws in. You can also balance the door on something while you put the screws in. But, this can be a little frustrating if the door moves or shifts before you get both screws in place.

When you are shopping for door hinges to use, you may find yourself marveling at all the designs on the market, but you need to keep a few details in mind. There are two choices in door hinges – removable pin or fixed pin. Which one you want will depend on if you ever need to take the door off. Removable pin doors allow you pop the door down should you need to do something like move a piece of furniture through a doorway that is a little too skinny for the furniture pieces. Also make sure to look at how your door hinges are currently constructed and that any bolt on the new door hinges won’t interfere with your molding.


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