Don’t Get Side-Tracked By The “Nay-Sayers”

You, the entrepreneur, are “usually” a Type A person. Someone who has little patience for the establishment ~ likes to do it “your way,” and it’s okay if you know the system and a Have a plan to achieve your goals. A TEAM OF MENTORS NEEDED – IF ONLY!Wow!

Someone had told me about the pitfalls… the valleys… the challenges. We’ve all said the same thing many times in the course of building our business…especially in relation to HUMAN RESOURCES.

Anyone can be successful. You too! There is a BIG requirement. You have to “STAND UP” when you fall! As a small business owner, I’ve been there more times than I care to count.

Most entrepreneurs have! They have fallen or “failed” several times before achieving business success. 32 YEARS IN BUSINESS AND LEARNING EVERY DAY. PEOPLE are number 1 in any business.

You can easily summarize the success…hire the “right” people and watch your business become a huge success. NOTHING is more important than having good employees who exceed customer expectations. Most of my experience, at least for the past 32 years, has been in the people business. Help the unemployed find a JOB.

Some people came to us with a job but wanted a better one. The focus of our company was on the development of CARRERA. More value and responsibility ~ higher wages for the skilled worker. Our recruitment consultants have placed thousands of people in new jobs over many years. OWN YOUR OWN BUSINESS —

You may be considering “buying” or investing in a franchise. It could be that you are planning to buy an already established company. I have an IDEA or a HOBBY that is exciting and drives you to start a business. EXPLOIT IT!!

Don’t get distracted by the “negatives” telling you to keep your job. Forget it. It will be ruined! fails. He works 80 hours a week.

Your spouse will leave you. There are hundreds more with negative thoughts or fear. DO YOUR HOMEWORK Every business should have a BUSINESS PLAN. Otherwise it will probably “go down the drain” like I’ve done more than once.

Why? It’s about staying focused on your dream. A friend of mine says that one of the best books is part of the “DUMMIE” series on writing a business plan. It’s worth buying and getting the best out of it. learn everything beforehand.

Experience is a great teacher ~ but the PAIN of “learning” isn’t much fun. You can at least learn some valuable lessons from my experiences. Money too!