Does Your Coffee Service Continually Upgrade Their Products And Services?

If your service carries the same brand of coffee they did several years ago, without adding any new ones, you might consider a new coffee service. Good quality coffee service providers continually note the most popular items on the market and add it to their list of items from which the customer selects. Maybe you want to use a fair trade coffee or simply want a name brand that’s risen in popularity. If your service provider doesn’t carry it, you’ll never get the opportunity to purchase what you desire.

Some coffee services only provide coffee. They don’t bother with all the extras you require when serving coffee in the office. For instance, even though your staff may have their own cups, if you have visitors, they often don’t bring their cup with them. You need to provide a paper cup and lid. If your coffee server doesn’t carry those products, you must keep clean extra mugs in your office, whose cleanliness is always suspect if you don’t have a kitchen area.

Good coffee services also provide other disposables such as napkins, towels, lids, plates and silverware. They also carry not just creamers and sweeteners, but all types of creamers and sweeteners. They also supply stirrers so you can mix the additions into your coffee.

You’ll find there’s more to simply bringing in coffee if you want to have a great coffee service. Not everyone loves coffee. Some people can’t drink coffee or don’t like it. Others are too young to drink coffee, such as a visiting child. Your service provider should have a variety of products to serve all your staff and visitors. If your service doesn’t carry a wide assortment of tea, including herbal tea, they’re also lax in providing all the necessary products for most offices. Tea is a popular drink, lagging behind coffee only slightly.

They should also carry specialty items such as cappuccino and spiced apple cider. They also should add some extras for those late nights or busy afternoons when staff has no time to go out to eat. Hot soup mix or even something as simple as microwave popcorn would help ease the hunger pangs.

Besides all the products, your coffee service should make regular stops and provide one of the best coffee makers available. They should aim for customer satisfaction whether it’s by providing a wide variety of products or making regularly scheduled stops to check on your supplies. Customer service and a great selection of products are the key to a quality coffee service.


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