Does Your Business Website Need To Be Audited?

“If you don’t know where you are going any road will take you there”- Lewis Carroll, Alice In Wonderland

If your business website has not been audited in the past two years, you are in for a lot of surprises and not good ones I’m afraid to say. A website audit will tell you where you are and set you on the right road to success!

So much has changed with the way Google and other search engines analyze and rank pages on your website. You will need to know where your problems are and fix them now.

One of the areas you should be very concerned with is the User Experience/User Interfaces that your website provides. Couple this with a simple item like not having a secure website with an SSL Certificate; either one will kill your chances of obtaining a high ranking regardless of your diligence with creating good content. If your website is not Mobile Friendly, Google will not consider your website up to the latest standards.

Today, one needs to dig deep into a website and identify issues that will greatly affect how your website ranks for keywords and phrases and how your website compares with your competition.

How deep should a website audit go? The answer is really deep from the first to the last page and checks every page for all elements that are used to create the site. This means all coding, not just looking at Meta, ALT, Heading, and other tags.

Here is what a deep Audit examines:

Global Performance Information
Global Rank
Country Rank
Category Rank

Ranking Audit
Keyword Ranking Status

Call to Actions
Mobile friendly?

Content Overview (On-Page)
Keyword Focus
URL Structure
Title Tags
META Description
OG Tags (Open Graph)
Heading Tags (H1 – H6)
Content (Word Count, etc.)
Internal Linking and Anchor Tags (Link Structure)
Image Names and ALT Tags

Optimization Analysis
Page Exclusions (robots.txt)
Page Inclusions (sitemap.xml)
URL Redirects (301, 302, www / non-www)
Duplicate Content
Broken Links
Code Validation
Page Speed (CSS, JS, Caching, Image-sizes)
SSL Settings (HTTP vs. HTTP)

Linking Analysis Overview (Off-Page)
Inbound Followed Links
Linking Root Domains
Authority and Trust
Social Media Metrics
Competitive Link Comparison
Social Media Visibility & Reach


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