Do Your Break Room Suppliers Include a Coffee Service?

Break room suppliers obviously offer their customers, which are mainly offices, schools and other commercial establishments, a wide range of products for their employees’ lounges, faculty rooms, and other similar types of spaces designed for break times. These products include but are not limited to coffee, tea and chocolate in individual packets and bulk orders; disposable items like napkins, plastic cutlery, and plates; and air-pot systems and water coolers.

But the best break room suppliers also offer coffee service to their customers! This is because their customers want the convenience of regular deliveries of the abovementioned break room supplies made to their doorsteps, literally.

Indeed, there are several benefits to subscribing to a reputable and reliable coffee service provider including:

• Wide range of choices in packages. You can choose the basic or deluxe package depending on your budget although it must be said that both packages provide great value for your money.

• Convenience in delivery of the products. Instead of travelling to the store to purchase the supplies, these will be delivered to your office. The best coffee service provider will even set up the supplies and equipment (i.e., take an inventory, clean the area, and restock the products).

• Savings can be yours to enjoy. You will save on the operating expenses including fuel and paper costs (i.e., no travelling and no voluminous receipts, thanks to the single monthly bill). Plus, you need not assign a single employee to take care of these break room-related activities since the coffee service provider has responsibility for most of these tasks.

But since not all of your break room suppliers can provide the best coffee service for your office, you must carefully consider your choices. Keep in mind that quantity in products does not equal to quality in service; you must consider not only the wide range of coffee, tea, and chocolate products as well as their related supplies and equipment but also the quality of services provided. Look into the professional attitude of the staff, the regularity of delivery of the products, and the quality of customer service.

In the end, you want to enjoy the benefits of a reliable coffee service provider and it starts with your informed choice. Start asking your break room suppliers about their coffee service packages and then evaluate their reliability before subscribing to the service. Now, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the sight of your employees enjoying their break times.


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