Do Operation Theatres have Modular Designs?

Modular Operational Theatre in India is gradually being accepted as a wonderful concept since it is so functional and made with the latest technology. It is a modern take on an operation theatre which aims to offer the best care to a patient.

Modular theatres include an Operation theatre table that has laminar air flow which keeps the air purified inside the theatre itself with the help of AHU and HEPA filter. It also comes with a centralized cooling system which does not harbor any pathogen growth in OT and controls the environment too.

The manufacturers ensure that the modular OTs are safe for patients and can facilitate their post-operative conditions. Moreover, flexibility is the main key of these operation theatres which work on set guidelines. Let us now see what are the features of a modular operation theatre to get a better knowledge about the technology.

Features of a Modular Operation Theatre

Modular operation theatres are constructed with a collection of components which are devised with the latest technology that aids to the success of these operation theatres. Some features including scrub sink are mentioned below:

  • View panel
  • Pass box
  • Surgeon Control ELE panel
  • Clean room puf partition wall/ceiling
  • SS puff partition
  • Stainless steel/aluminum LAF HEPA bed
  • Class 100 to 1000
  • NABH norms are fulfilled for designs
  • HVAC deign of 20,10,3 and 0.3 micron filtration
  • Epoxy or PU flooring
  • Scrub Sink

While the above list mentioned all the special characteristics of an operation theatre, now let’s see the specifications of a modular operation theatre.

Specifications of a Modular Operation Theatre

Certain features were given special features to facilitate the features of the modular operation theatre and extend help to the staff :

  • There is absolute flat floor with no elevation or sink so that the staff can move freely.
  • Sub frame is adjustable vertically.
  • Hermetic sealing
  • The walls are made with noise-cancelling material so that no sound can enter the operation theatre.
  • Panels can be easily disassembled without much fret.
  • The modular structure is made with non-flammable material.

 Benefits of operation theatres with modular designs

Modular design OTs are amazing as they use the latest technology to provide amazing features and characteristics to the operation theatre solely for patient’s care.

  • The new-found operation theatre offers an open space for improved safety measures and hygienic conditions.
  • There is absolutely no need to compromise on the quality of care provided by the operation theatre and the team working there.
  • No infection could enter the OT room since it is installed with filters that constantly remove toxic bacteria from the environment.
  • Imaging and X-rays are enabled as key features of a modular OT even when the surgery is ongoing. It helps the doctors to draw quick results of a patient’s current condition and a physical imagery of the internal organs as well. There are other features such as fluoroscopy and robotic X-Ray machines in the shape of arms. 
  • Such operation theatres are cost-efficient as they save money for patients and hospitals too because most of the surgical procedures can be carried out in the same room. So, patients do not need to change bed every time they have a test scheduled which in turn saves a lot of money.

Comparison between Modular Operation Theatre & Conventional Operation Theatre

Modular operation theatres are advanced at every process of its construction and even after its installation. However, the conventional operating theatres are way different than modular ones since they are the traditional types and do not provide quality control. These conventional Operation theatres rooms are less functional and can prove to be hazardous as patients same the same air as others.


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