Do Not Buy a New Door Until You Read This

Are you considering purchasing a new door for the front of your home?

Have you spent countless hours wondering what will be the best material for the unit? Should it be wood? Should it be fiberglass? Should I paint or stain?

Well, I have been in the door business for over 15 years. I have seen the good and the bad of all the options. I can argue all sides, and give you several reasons to use one over the other.

With out splitting hairs on the arguments that can be made for all side, let me tell you this.

Do Not! I repeat, Do Not! put a wood door in any condition that has direct sunlight. If your home, the door you are considering faces the south, southwest or west, and you have no overhang, stay away from wood. I do not care about expansion and contraction of wood, I am talking the protection of wood from sunlight.

You see, the polyurethane on the wood door is there to protect the species of wood. However, because of environmental rules, the poly today does not withstand the pounding sunlight will give. The poly breaks down fast, and breaks down in a way that is not visible until it is too late. Once the poly breaks down and you can see it, the door has hairline cracks that has already taken on moisture…too late!

Avoid that problem! Direct sunlight screams a composite or fibreglass door.

Be sure to check out the warranty on any door you are considering, and how the warranty relates to sun exposure. All the door companies have something stated about the sun exposure for a reason…they know wood doors will fail.

So enjoy the beach, enjoy sunny days, but please beware of the sun on your door unit so can you enjoy the unit for years.

No matter what the project, Home Improvements can be costly to you, the home owner, so you want to get it right.


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