Direct TV Plus HD DVR—the Ultimate Latest in Satellite Technology

What’s so great about this new technology, anyway? This newly launched DVR system of Direct TV Plus HD DVR has the capability to record up to 200 hours of video on one-touch – talk about function! It can be also preset to record many shows that are to be broadcast from TV channels at anytime in the future. This means that you’ll be able to set the device to record your favorite shows while you’re at work or running errands – you will no longer have to miss these shows while you are away. The Direct TV Plus HD DVR device also has the advanced functionality to enable you to watch your favorite recorded programs at a faster or slower speed than the original broadcast speed. It is featured to “record the program on show” for up to 90 minutes and can be paused during the show for replaying purposes or rewinding to see the back parts of the show. The DVR device will also let you view mark and jump directly to any section of the recorded video. All the functions of the digital video recording electronics are in use here and are included in this newly introduced Direct TV Plus HD DVR device.

It allows its user literally to use it at the extreme level of ease in viewing the TV broadcast. It records:a) Upto 30 hours of Direct TV HD programming in MPEG-2, or,b) Upto 50 hours of Direct TV HD programming in MPEG-4, or,c) Upto 200 hours of standard definition (SD) programming.

Direct TV HD Plus DVR is compatible with MPEG-4.

With the addition of the high definition ( HD ) receiver, you’ll be able to experience the clearest picture quality ever witnessed before. With HD technology, you will literally be able to turn your own living room into a high tech movie theatre. With HD technology, sports is especially nice to watch because of the extreme detail with which you will be able to watch the big game. It’s almost like you’re actually in the stands, watching the game for yourself.

It’s no wonder than there are so many reviews ranting and raving about the new Direct TV HD DVR. Not only do you have the ability of recording your favorite shows, movies, and programs, but you also have the capability of enjoying them in extreme high def quality. Almost all of Direct TVs programming is available in HD format, including many of their much appreciated premium channels, as well as pay per view movies, and of course the sports channels mentioned above. There are also a few local channels available with HD quality, but this can often vary from region to region, so it’s best to inquire beforehand if this is something that is important to to.

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